Battle of the day- Playing some random battling on splinterlands gaming

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Hello my splinter lovers

How are you all friends I hope everyone loves you a lot Aslam among you every day today with another new gaming video and as always I hope today's gaming video will reach you and of course today's battles will be very good choice.

Today is not a daily competition. I just played some random battles today and I think I have eaten four battles in total and I am giving two battles out of four battles.

When the first bat came, the rules that were given to me, I thought I could not go, but in the end I saw that I had won.

In fact, I like to play #splinterlands games every day, so I try to come up with some new gaming posts among you every day, but today I am sharing a video with you, and of course you all like the video because you can watch it live. I don't have to share any link here, if you click on the link then you will see my battle without any option, you can watch my videos directly.

Now I will give you some rules of my first battle and some small idea about how I arranged the cards and hope you like it.

My battle and my card setup

Battle - fire splinter
Mana cap-24
Battle rules- Melee attacking monster can attacking any position
Results- Win

My card position...

1_ Position I using my fast Melee attacking card- Living Lava

2_ position using another autoheling Melee attacking card- Cerberus

3_ position using another Melee attacking card -Exploding Dwarf

4_ position using just 1 mana Melee card- Creeping ooze

Supremes I hope you also like my today random battling and if you watch and like my better share some love and share your feedback so have a nice day bye bye

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