Sunset photography:- Some amazing views of the sun at noon

Some amazing views of the sun at noon ,,,


Good afternoon friends how are you all very well today I am sharing some photography of our sun mama in the midst of this tense sun, in fact we don't need to be told how to see the sun in this afternoon sun we see it moving around all the time.

But suddenly at noon it seemed that the light that the sun is giving us in the midst of this blazing sun of this afternoon is what it is and how it looks when the camera captures it.


So I took some pictures of the sun in the mid-afternoon sun of this platoon from my home with my mobile device and saw that it looked quite good.

Then suddenly a thought came to my mind. In fact, the way the sun is giving us light this afternoon, we can see this light exactly and at night when we turn on the light, the light is as bright as the light.


We can understand from this month of nature that Allah Almighty has not given us anything. He has given us a house to live in. He has given us food to live in a good environment. He has given us vehicles to move around. The moon gave them at night.


Everyone likes it when they see really amazing scenes, so everyone likes it, so I'm sharing some pictures with you, I think you will like it too.

All pictures takenby my handphone
Devicevivo s1 pro
Camera48 mp back
Categorysunset photography


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