The mercenary of Love - Pelacor merc.



What's up splinter fans!

I hope all of you are well and keeping yourself busy playing this awesome game. Only 8 days left for this season to end so I hope you have been working to reach your favorite spot. Many players are now jumping into champ to collect more rewards per quest and to score as many champ points as possible so that they can earn more sps with it but if I do that, most probably I will not get the season leaderboard rewards which is too big for me to sacrifice. It's also the 73th day of SPS airdrop so that's 2.5 months of the 1 year period. I hope you guys are staking as much sps as possible because if you aren't, you will miss many jaw dropping gifts and perks in the future days. For me, I have approx 12k SPS staked now. I haven't invested extra in SPS, just staking a big portion of my airdrops straight into in-game staking. I sold some SPS recently thou as the price got increased recently and making a strong position around 0.6$ but hopefully i will at least make 50k staked as I have thought of now ;)



Talking about Brawls, Yes! We did it again and achieved the top place in the last guild brawl! This time I got 6 matches and won 5 out of them. My fellow guild warriors also performed exceptionally well this time and and we achieved the top place without breaking a sweat! All of us got rewarded with 4950 merits each and as usual I bought gladius packs with them and open them right away and got these!


Now, let us move towards our weekly monster showcase now and this time, I really came out of my den and bought a GOLD FOIL max card just to make this post! haha just kidding! This monster recently got launched with the new reward card bundle and the first time I looked at it's stats, I really found it to be a cheap alternative of Flesh Golem. As the supply of these new reward cards are on the edge with comparatively less demand, I found them way cheaper now if you compare to old reward card prices so I immediately thought of making a maxx Gold foil card before the price rises. Yes, as you have already guessed it with the thumbnail, today we will take a deep dive into splinterlands and will learn more things about PELACOR MERCENARY.



  • PELACOR MERCENARY is a front line card and it justifies it's 7 mana cost well with the stats from level 1. At it's initial level, it carries 2 melee attack at 2 speed, 1 Armour and 8 health with Flying ability. A monster with high health, small Armour and flying ability makes it a good choice for the front position.

  • From level 6 it gets the healing ability and that's when it becomes the king of the battlefield. With the healing ability with 9 health in level 6, it becomes a much harder target to kill down.

  • At max level, it also unlocks the retaliate ability, giving it 50% chance to return attack whenever a melee monster bring attacks upon it. It carries 3 melee attack with 4 speed, 1 Armour and 11 health so it will hopefully evade multiple attacks and also retaliate when getting melee attacks.

  • Mercenary can be used to make multiple strategy lineups like a healing lineup with wood nymph, spirit of the forest or Khmer Princess or you can make a melee deck with those sneak and opportunity monsters. Be sure to get advantages with it's healing and retaliate ability.




Monsters with flying ability will have more chances to evade melee and range attacks from non flying monsters.



Can heal back a portion of it's damaged health every round.



when being attacked by melee monsters, this monster will have a chance to do return damage.

Market Stat


Right now pelacor mercenaries re cheap as the supply is oppressing the demand. You can buy a maxx level 77$ from market and the single BCX cards are starting from 0.18$ (17.406 DEC). I bought a max Gold Foil of this card which is currently showing 190$ value and I am pretty sure this will go at least 3x within some months.

Battle Line-up


Battle Link: Click here

mana Cap: 42

Splinters allowed: Fire, water and Earth.


  • Silence Summoners - all buffs/debuffs of all Summoners will be banned.
  • Broken Arrow - No range monsters can be used in this match.



I chose the mercenary at my front line because of his stats as i have talked above. At level 10 it is possessing 3 melee attack at 4 speed, 1 Armour and 11 health with flying, healing and retaliate ability. And that gold foil is really shining my lineup better than ever. let's see how it actually performs in the battle.



I chose the Reflecting ball of magic at the reach position as it is going to be a bloody magic war. At 42 mana game with no archers, definitely it will be a magic game so I chose his as my magic shield. At level 8, it is possessing 3 magic attack at 5 speed and 11 health with void and magic reflect ability. Such big stats!



My first answer to those enemy magic throwers is my dear Elven mystic. I really overuse him in ranked battles cause this 4 mana card gives silence ability with a decent magic attack. At level 8 it has 2 magic attack at 4 speed and 5 health with silence and affliction ability.



If opponent overthink me and crush down my frontal defense in a quick time, then parasitic growth will get enough health gains to form a decent defense wall before they could go for my last 2 monsters. I am using a level 10 here and it has 3 melee attack at 3 speed and 5 health with opportunity and scavenger ability.



SPORCERER is my second answer to my opponent as my bet is my opponent will definitely use multiple high magic monsters to kill me. SPORCERER will take away some armors from the enemy cards with it's rust ability and reduce magic monsters's attacks by -1 with it's silence ability, and yes it also has the affliction ability which if applied, revokes the monster to get healed. I am using a level 6 here and it has 3 magic attack at 2 speed and 6 health.



Kron is my last defense and it will be on last stand if all other fellows die. Kron gets his underground popularity only for his last stand + heal ability combo because it really works! So as I have have plenty of mana left to use - I will surely choose him over any other monster. My kron is level 4 and it has 4 magic attack at 2 speed and 12 health with healing divine shield and Last stand.

Match result


Exactly as I thought, my opponent used a water line up with Alric summoner and he brought total 4 magic monsters with him including 2 with silence ability Ruler and Elven. Ok that's bad as my magic monsters will also get reduced by 2 so basically all the monsters in the battlefield now will attack with low speed so it's going to be a long match. But in meantime as it goes, I will examine how my mercenary performs in the actual battle.

  • Even after getting it's enrage ability unlocked, the mad kraken with 8 speed missed his deadly melee attack upon my mercenary thanks to it's flying ability.
  • At second round, it used it's retaliate ability to fight back the kraken.
  • Sadly, as affliction ability revoked it's healing ability, my mercenary couldn't heal itself and got dead early.

Well, I won the match but I would love to see the healing charisma of my Mercenary but it all got spoiled with that affliction debuff. Anyway, it stood long enough to give my other fellows enough space to kill down and damage then well and thus scored another victory. If i would have used my unicorn mustang in this match as I have already guessed my opponent is coming with a magic horde, it would have bring me a faster victory. I would be more assure as it has magic reflect ability and also a good melee attack with pierce ability. But instead, i went to choose my mercenary :)

But the things I have noticed from the battle, this card will be very useful in melee friendly matches for it's flying and retaliate ability. It medium to low mana matches it will stand longer as opponent wont use multiple big magic monsters upon it because of the mana limit. But yeah, it's pretty vulnerable against magic that's what I can tell. It's still very cheap in market so even if you are only impressed with it's looks, get your hand on it before it runs away :)

Wish you all good luck on all of your future SL matches.

Thanks for visiting my post.

Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands.

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