Resuming training... again... - Afternoon run


I just finished a 8.570km running that lasted about 0hh:49mm:17ss !


Another extended break in my training. The past few weeks, my dog's failing health took priority over everything, and most days I wasn't in the mood for training. Anyways, on Saturday, I thought I would finally resumed my training. I wanted to try a slow run, but at least 5 miles. I chose one of my old favorite routes, where I can turn back after 2 miles, or keep going for another 3+ miles. Even though I was not feeling strong at all after two miles, I decided to keep going. Probably a mistake, because after about one more mile, I just couldn't keep running and started walking for about 13 minutes, most of the fourth mile. Then I finally started running again for the last part.

I think that what I am lacking the most right now is will power. I probably could have pushed through much longer in the past. Of course my stamina is also really low, but I guess very little training, extra pounds and of course aging explain that. I saw in my history that same route. Just 2 years ago, I ran it about 11 minutes faster! Without walking of course. And 2 years ago wasn't even when I was in good form. A bit depressing... But also motivating, as it is now the target I want to get back at.

Let's see how it goes on the next run. Keep Exhausting!

Totals for August, weak again:

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