Run #2 Done


I just finished a 8.517km running that lasted about 0hh:50mm:43ss !

Well, run #2 is in the books, and just as planned, after one rest day only. I am not sure when that had happened last, but at the very least several months ago. However this wasn't a great performance. I decided to start the same way as the previous run, but instead of turning back after about 2 miles, I kept going on that longer loop. Big mistake! I should have known, it was a much harder effort right from the bat. Heavy legs, heavy breathing, and sore quads/hamstrings from the first run... Anyways, after maybe 3.5 miles, I had to walk for a bit, about half a mile I guess. It's pretty obvious on the splits where that was. At that point I had lost pretty much all motivation, but surprisingly I managed to get running again, and the end was slow but consistent.

I didn't see the cute chipmunk on the cover picture during this run, but these things being so fast, the exact opposite of me right now, I thought it was a good fit. I did see a few deer though, as often.

Clearly, the first run was a fluke (not saying it was good by the way, just that it felt okay). There's obviously a huge mountain of work needed for me to get back into decent shape. I am not even talking fast, just able to run consistently. I'll get there...
As for the immediate plan, third run was supposed to be today, but I skipped, and went for a sunset walk instead. So I really have to try and complete one run this Thursday. With three runs, that would be some sort of streak, almost...