Avoid Feeding your life with excuses


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So many years ago , I personally noticed that I have a habit of excusing myself whenever I take actions which does not suit me or favour me , when I make decisions which favours me , I gladly act confident and talk about it , but when the decisions is a failed one then I will be busy looking for excuses to defend my bad or wrong decisions..I will give all manners of excuses just to massage my ego and make myself to look perfect to others..i always look for excuses for different situations, i will never admit to the wrong , I will always find a way to pass the blame on something else..

Such habit continued for several years before I later broke-free from it and had clearer understanding on how to handle whatever failed decisions that I make..

I know there will be alot of people who also experience similar problems , they tend to always find excuses for every wrong they make or every wrong decisions which they take , they will always give excuse for even the most little things, they will never admit that they are wrong , they always to sound like they are perfect in everything they do..

Giving excuses for all the things happening in your life will not make you to be able to carry out effective plans on how to do better in various decisions in life..

So now it is time for you to start admitting your mistakes instead of trying to give one million excuses on why you feel or think you are not wrong or why you feel you should not be blamed for your bad decisions...

Creating excuses for yourself all the time will hinder your development in life and it will negatively affect your progress in life..

Excuses will not give you the solutions to the problem..

Excuses will only keep prolonging the issue, it will keep stopping you from taking the best actions which you ought to take if you want to avoid bad decisions which will hurt your life...

When you feed your life with excuses , it makes you to become mentally weak till the extent that you will always have to keep giving more excuses for failures which you might be experiencing since you are not ready to fix the issue without you trying to justify yourself by giving excuses..

In various things we do , i am sure many of us are truly guilty or once guilty of giving excuses for whatever failures or hindrances which you experience.. anyone who is guilty of such habit should always make sure that they stop the habit so that they will not continue to be giving excuses in situations that demands accountability..

When you stop giving excuses too much, you will begin to see an increased motivation to become more focused to be able to defeat whatever problems you are experiencing.. the excuses you keep giving will only encourage you to continue to be lazy and not bothered about the serious problems which you are facing...


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