My First Axie Team #2 – Tips and Strategies


In my last post, I told a little about my first Axie team, in this post we will talk about some strategies.


This drawing was created exclusively for this post by my brother @seuamiguto

Talking with other players I realized that my cards are very common so I thought about sharing some strategies and if you have similar cards you can use them or study them to learn how to defend yourself or even get inspired to create your strategies.

Talking about the game stimulates the brain and creates new inspirations so that we can play even better.


Watch the opponent. How does he play in the first round? How are your cards? What are your Axies?

Studying it quickly and calculating your possible moves as we do in a chess game is without a doubt the golden rule for success in any game.

Indeed, we don't always get it right when we study the possibilities, but with time and constant practice it becomes easier and easier, and calculating the opponent's possible strategies can inspire good ideas in your way of playing and help to develop surprising attacks.

Note if the enemy tank has healing ability, in which case you need to try to create a big combo of cards in the Beast to kill it at once, otherwise it can heal itself and you will have wasted your cards.


Try to keep your Tank alive for as long as possible.

My first tank is very good, and by knowing how to use it I could generate energy, steal energy and use the big pumpkin shield to survive.


If your tank is similar I suggest you do the same because it can bring great advantages.

My first team is slow but has good chances against Aqua and Birds while the plant is alive, the Beast's slowness is to prevent it from being attacked by the backdoor Bird.

When the tank dies normally the enemy Axies are faster so it's no use using the Beast because it will die before you can play, in this case, it's better to sacrifice it and use the Reptile.


When I put this team together, Terminator didn't even exist, and there are a lot of them now, it's hard to beat them, but sometimes it's possible.

The secret is to be able to use the Beast and enjoy the chance of receiving cards for the Beast combos.

We often face a pair of Aqua, and in this case, the Reptil alone can be very successful in taking out both enemy Axies.


Reptile's secret is that he has +15% damage against Aqua and Bird, he has a card that reflects ranged attacks, a card that does +150% damage from round 5.

Your cards generally have a good shield, and your main weapon is the Chomp!

Against Terminator he is sometimes still able to come out victorious when he manages to fit the thorn card, which is cost 0, at the exact moments to escape the enemy's Chomps, and then destroy the opponent with Tiny Dino damage.

The Green Thorn for being 0 cost often helps a lot for you to activate your Chomp.

Well, that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for reading everything to the end. I look forward to your comments and suggestions. To the next!

Images: AxieInfinity & @seuamiguto



Nice team. I also bought 2 teams and hired scholars. Because Axie is so boring that i can't paly this game myself😂