Splinterlands Amazing Battles – Brawl match – Brutal damage and Bloodlust!

Welcome Splinter People to another Great Battle!

Today we delve into the Brawl Arena in a high mana (52), high damage match.


The rules are Noxious fumes (all monsters start the battle poisoned) and Earthquake (non-flying monsters take two damage at the end of the turn).

Available Splinters: Dragon, Life, and Earth.

We go Dragon splinter with Brighton Bloom; we reduce half the damage from the Earthquake for our non-flying monsters.


Click on the image to watch the fight:

Our monsters: Sacred Unicorn (Heal, Pierce, and Trample). Marisol Cotuma (Reach and Bloodlust). Gold Dragon (Heal, Blast, and Flying). Cornealus (Heal, Thorns, Return fire). Kralus (Heal, Immunity, Strengthen, and flying). And in the end, with Shieldbearer (Taunt and Shield).

We have a Taunt to soak some damage. Five regenerating monsters with decent damage to help with the whooping four damage a turn the rules impose on all monsters (we cut that to only two due to our summoner).

Let's see what our opponent @cjturtleman brings to this Brawl.

Summoner: Obsidian (+1 magic damage for all. So, extra magic damage with the 2 Poison and two from Earthquake each turn can delete monsters fast.


The opposing team monsters: Pelacor Mercenary (Heal, Flying). Centauri Mage (Repair, Return Fire). Xenith Monk (Heal, Void). Quora Towershead (Bloodlust and Heal). Gelatinous Cube (Scavenge and Heal). Mycelic Slipspawn (Taunt and Forcefield).

Our opponent’s plan is to deal some heavy magic damage with four regenerator monsters. The backup plan of Gelatinous Cube will last in case the magic team doesn’t kill all the enemy lineups on time.


Round 1:

The taunts take a lot of damage in the last position. Still, supersingly, both survive the round, Shieldbearer with barely 1 HP left and Mycelic Slipspawn with 4 HP.

Round 2:

Both taunts fall at the start of the round due to the combined earthquake damage and poison. Both tanks get removed too! Now both second-position monsters for each team are exposed.

Round 3:

The Earthquake and poison delete the Centauri Mage and expose a very low HP Xenith Monk to the Bloodlusty Gladiator, Marisol Cotuma. She removes it easily, triggering the bloodlust.

Round 4:

Our Gladiator topples Towershead! Only Gelatinous Cube is on the opposing team, and four monsters are still alive on our team.


Round 5:

Our Gladiator dies to the poison, but our other three monsters survive, softening the Gelatinous Cube.


Round 6:

The poison is not enough to kill our healing monsters, so they continue to work on the cube, reducing its HP further.

Round 7:

Our team finally managed to delete the Gelatinous cube!


Our advantages here were: the summoner who saved a lot of damage for our team and that we had a significant damage high HP combination of monsters.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

See this amazing battle again: @marianaemilia versus @cjturtleman

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Images: @splinterlands


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Thank you very much!


É muito legal ver essas batalhas de alto nivel em brawl.
Ainda ta bem fora da minha realidade mas da pra sentir o gostinho de como deve ser ter cartas de alta performance...
Obrigado por compartilhar.


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Amazing match. Those brawl cards are super nice, plus that Heal strategy looks very tough to beat. These high-level gold battles are intense. Nice work!


True, poison + earthquake is quite difficult to survive. Thanks for commenting.