Splinterlands Amazing Battles – Low Mana Keep your Distance

Welcome to one more Amazing Battle!

Today we have a low (18 mana) gold foil tournament match with the following rule: Keep your Distance: monsters with melee attacks cannot be used in this battle.

We face one of the best Splinterlands players, Bubke!


This time we go with Dragon Splinter paired with Earth. This combination gives us access to Quix, which is fantastic in this ruleset (and overall is an excellent summoner), and a host of nice damage and supports low-cost cards.

Click on the image below to watch the fight:

Our summoner protects us from severe archery damage and slows our opponent’s monsters.


Our lineup:

Chaos Agent (Dodge, Phase and Backfire), Queen Mycelia (Protect, Amplify, Triage and Rust), Khmer Princess (Tank Heal and triage), Acid Shooter (Scattershot, Cripple and Poison), Child of the Forest (Snipe and Snare) and bringing up the rear position we have Naga Assassin (Backfire and Swiftness).

Our tank Chaos agent (that can deal some damage, too, due to Backfire) benefits from both From Quix’s debuff and Naga Assassin's speed buff.

We have excellent support, one tank heal, and two triages to help keep our monsters in good health and combined with Protect, we have a very sturdy team. We also have a few debuffs to help deal with the enemy team fast: Rust, Amplify, and Cripple.

Our damage package is Acid Shooter and Child of the Forest. This way, we focus on damaging the non-first-position monsters of our opponent. At the same time, the acid shooter distributes poison damage through the enemy team.

In the end, we have a high-speed good HP combination on Naga Assassin in case we get hit with the few non-melee sneak attacks available on this set and mana cap.

Let’s see what surprises our opponent @Bubke brings to the table.

Summoner: Keyla Frendul (+1 speed, +1 armor). Excellent summoner, but we are countering his abilities with Quix and Queen Mycelia!


Bubke’s monsters:

Chaos Agent (mirror tanks here), Kelp Initiate (Cleanse and triage), Igor Darkspeak (Stun), Merdaali Guardian (Tank Heal, Repair and Strengthen), Grenadier (Oppress, Snare, and Blast) and closing with Angelic Mandarin (Triage and Silence).

Our opponent has 8 total damage focused on the front position with some extra sauce against non-attacking or flying cards with Grenadier.

He also brings double Triage, Tank Heal, and Strengthen to make his monsters resist some punishment.

His only debuffs don't make any difference because both our magic damage dealers only hit for one damage. Silence or similar debuffs cannot reduce the attack of monsters below 1.

Round 1:

The speed is critical here as both Chaos Agents manage to return damage to their attackers, in our case, double reflect due to amplify!

aChaos Agent_preview_rev_1.png

Round 2:

The Grenadier falls due to missing Chaos agents two turns in a row! We also manage to poison angelic Mandarin. Our team takes almost no damage this round.


Round 3:

This turn, we manage to poison Merdaali Guardian too, and our Chaos Agent gets reduced to only 1 HP.


Round 4:

Our Chaos Agent gets healed; meanwhile, we also manage to poison Igor Darkspear this round!


Round 5:

All three opposing archers fall at the start of the round due to poison! The battle is mostly over by this point.

Round 6 - 8:

Cleanup by our team! Victory!

Here we see how speed and evasive abilities combine to make our 4 HP tank not only resist all the battle but also help a lot with the evasion added damage.

Also, MVP to the Acid Shooter decimated the opposing team backline with poison and cripple.

Thanks for reading, and ‘till the next time!

See this amazing battle again: @marianaemilia versus @bubke

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Images: @splinterlands


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Thank you very much!


Good battle and choice of team, the poison was the master stroke.


Quix is a great summoner and fits almost everywhere and is convenient for playing higher leagues with economic decks and so it is my favorite and most played summoner. And some low MANA Chaos cards are awesome and can fill the gaps for some existing combos perfectly though it is expensive to include the previous edition for new players like me but chaos is an excellent choice for the WILD or MODERN format of battle!


Yes, You are completely right,. What I love most about him is that he has speed! Thanks for commenting.


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!1UP A Queen Mycelia consegue comprar muito tempo nessas partidas de pouca mana disponível e o Chaos Agent eu nem preciso comentar sobre o quão forte ele é. Parabéns pela ótima batalha!