Splinterlands Amazing Battles – Melee Battle

Welcome. I am pleased to present yet another fiery battle you should study so you can get better at playing to earn!


Rule Sets (Modern Format): Equalizer + Up Close & Personal + 13 Mana Cap + All Elements available except for Life!

About my Lineup/Strategy

Kelya Frendul (Summoner):

Very versatile summoner since armor and extra speed are usually helpful for any monster.


Frost Lion (Main tank): this monster is perfect for the Equalizer ruleset due to his abilities (Void Armor + Shield).

His main weakness is the low HP, but it won’t be a problem in this ruleset!

Horny Toad: his high speed + poison ability is excellent in melee only.

If the opponent monster has armor, he can take the armor down and possibly add +2 damage due to poison at the end of the round.

Sometimes this will be enough to kill the monster!

Uraeus: same logic as Horny Toad. However, this one will sneak to take down the backline of my opponent!

Hardy Stonefish and Torrent Fiend:

In low mana battles and especially in melee only, there is a solid meta for pick monsters with sneak or opportunity, such as Pelacor Bandit/Stitch Leech/Celestial Harpy/Serpentine Spy + Uraeus.

For this reason, I deployed these two monsters to protect my backline and gain time for my other monsters!

My Team

Kelya Frendul
Frost Lion
Horny Toad
Hardy Stonefish
Torrent Fiend

Enemy Team

Camila Sungazer
Hardy Stonefish
Tide Biter
Pelacor Bandit
Torrent Fiend

Click on the image below to watch the fight:

The Battle

Round 1

My opponent picked Camila Sungazer as his summoner, which debuffs by -1 melee attack power, which was an excellent choice for this ruleset.


However, Kelya +1 armor is just as good as a debuff since it works similarly to a Holy Protection (Divine Shield) of Lorna Shine, allowing my monsters to absorb the first attack of each melee monster.

We had a great start since Horny Toad and Uraeus applied poison in two different monsters, beating the odds of 50% chance.

So, even with the debuff of -1 melee, my monster was adequate to deal damage!

Besides that, Frost Lion was a bold decision to tank due to his Shield ability, and the +1 armor provided by Kelya is worth it to absorb a 2 power attack!


Round 2

This round was not very exciting; both Torrent Fiends and my opponent’s Hardy Stonefish died.

Now I have 4 monsters against 3 of Ula.Ocean!

Round 3

Horny Toad keeps proving his value by applying poison in Tide Biter! Although my Uraeus missed his attack on Pelacor Bandit, which was very disappointing!


Round 4

Fortunately, Horny Toad was a bit faster than Tide Biter, allowing him to finish before he could attack Frost Lion!

Round 5

Now we are 2 (Horny Toad + Uraeus) x 2 (Uraeus + Pelacor Bandit), an inspiring end!

Pelacor Bandit strikes Uraeus first but survives with 2 HP!

My Uraeus strikes back, leaving Pelacor with 1 HP.

However, he would die anyway at the end of the round due to the poison applied in round 4!

After that, Horny Toad attacked Uraeus and poisoned him, allowing me to win in the next round!

It always feels good to beat a strong opponent such as @Ula.Ocean!

See this amazing battle again: @marianaemilia versus @ula.ocean

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Images: @splinterlands


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