Splinterlands Amazing Battles – Odd Ones Out!

Welcome Splinter's fans to another nice battle of our most loved and best crypto fantasy game!


Rule Sets (Modern Format):

Ferocity + Odd Ones Out + Heavy Hitters +Only Fire and Life not playable.

About my Lineup/Strategy

Camila Sungazer (Summoner):

In Odd Ones Out ruleset it is very common to face sneak monsters, so -1 melee is very useful!

On the other hand, if you are playing even Stevens, you don’t have to worry so much about sneak attacks since there are only a few monsters which are:

Coral Wraith (Magic), Goblin Thief, Iza the Fanged (Ranged), Undead Badger and Vruz.


Pelacor Mercenary: great tank with Heal + Flying ability and decent amount of HP!

Void Dragon: secondary tank with Void + Flying ability, he can be very tough to target!

Scale Doctor: this monster is essential in this lineup to counter +1 armor of Kelya (Rust) and to keep healing Regal Peryton with Triage.

Dragon Jumper + Regal Peryton + Djinn Biljka: they are the damage dealers, since Biljka has Camouflage, Regal Peryton will be the target of Sneak monsters, so with this high Speed (6 points) + Flying he is a great counter to keep the backline safe!

Besides that, the Weaken ability allows my opportunity monster (Dragon Jumper) to kill them very quickly!

My Team

Camila Sungazer
Pelacor Mercenary
Void Dragon
Dragon Jumper
Scale Doctor
Regal Peryton
Djinn Biljka

The Battle

Click on the image below to watch the fight:

Round 1

Thanks to the weaken ability Dragon Jumper started the battle taking down River Hellondale with a single blow!

Which gave me a great advantage since he was key piece to my opponent’s lineup.

The idea was: resurrect Legionnaire Alvar with his 7 points of armor and also boost the attack with Inspire.


Round 2

My whole lineup was still healthy and ready to keep hitting Legionnaire Alvar while Dragon Jumper was getting rid of the backline, in round 2 he killed Uraeus!


Round 3

At this point the battle was already over, Alvar died and Dragon Jumper killed Pelacor Bandit.

So, I had a big advantage in numbers!



Rust + Weaken countered my opponent perfectly and allowed Dragon Jumper to kill the backline without any problem!

See this amazing battle again: @marianaemilia versus @zawarrior

Thanks for reading!

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Images: @splinterlands


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Thank you very much!


Great job! The nullification of the opponent's armor by Scale Doctor and the Dagron Jumper attacks broke the enemy team!


Great battle!! Every time I see Splinterlands posts I feel tempted to play again, but I was like crazy the last year and I spent almost 10 days only playing, hehe


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