Splinterlands Amazing Battles – Strike hard, strike fast. In the sky!

Hello everybody! Welcome to yet another great Splinterlands battle.

In this installment of notable battles, we'll analyze a Mid Mana Cap (44), Modern format, Bronze league, Gold foil, and no legendaries tournament match.



Fog of War (all monsters lose the sneak and snipe abilities) and Holy Protection (all monsters have the Divine Shield ability).

Available Splinters:

Fire, Death, and Dragon.

Our opponent for this battle is @dementophobia.

For this battle, we choose to go Dragon paired with Fire. We select Bloom Brighton, so we have extra evade chances giving flying to all our monsters, making them more durable.


Our lineup:

Forgotten One (Immunity), Fineas Rage (Reach), Lava Launcher (Close range), War Chaang (Retaliate), Serpentine Spy (Opportunity), and closing with Spark Pixies (Flying).

Our plan is simple, deal damage fast and hard to the tank in the front position while our Serpentine Spy works on picking up the high-damage glass cannon in the back.

While flying and high overall initiative make our monsters harder to hit by melee and ranged attacks.

Let's take a look at our opponent's choice of cards!


Rival Summoner:

Thaddius Brood (-1 Magic Attack, -1 HP). The -1 magic misses, but the -1 HP weakens our team considerably.

Let's hope our opponent doesn't use any opportunity attacks here.

Rival lineup:

Cursed Windeku (Thorns), Junker (reach), Cabalist (Amplify), Queen of Crows (Close Range), Venari Bonesmith (Life Leech), with Dhampir Stalker (True strike) closing this lineup.

Click on the image to watch the fight:

Our opponent brings some solid damage monsters here paired with good HP. I would have switched the Queen of Crows and Cabalist's positions, but it is overall lovely damage.

Thorns in the front place are also interesting because most tanks and reach monsters take the two damage, almost for sure.

But we have one definite advantage here, the higher initiative monsters available. We might take down some cards before they have the time to attack. Let's see if our front line holds.

Round one:

Both tanks fall! And our Serpentine spy takes the divine shield off the Venari Bonesmith.

Round 2:

Fineas dodges two attacks due to high init, but both off-tanks end the round with 2 HP left.


Round 3:

Our plan starts to pay off, their second tank falls before attacking, and Fineas takes a divine shield off before going down. And our team also takes down the Cabalist!

The Venari Bonesmith gets deleted by the Serpentine Assassin.


Round 4:

The Queen of Crows is sturdy, with 12 HP and a nifty close-range attack. Our goblin tank's armor and initiative make it very sturdy, too.


Round 5:

Both tanks take a lot of punishment but survive this round! Our serpentine spy starts to work the HP of the Dhamphir Stalker.


Round 6:

Victory! Our team takes both remaining cards this round.

As was said before, the strike-hard and fast strategy worked very well.

With three very strategic Dodges due to flying, the high initiative gave us a nice edge in this match.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

See this amazing battle again: @marianaemilia versus @dementophobia

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Images: @splinterlands


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Never underestimate the benefits of flying, it does give help with missing attacks.