Splinterlands Amazing Battles – Thorns and Arrows vs Magic!

Welcome, Splinter nerds! Today I will show you another battle of the Modern Bronze Non-Legendary Tournament.


The rules for this battle are:

Fog of War (Monsters lose Sneak and Snipe abilities) and Stampede (Trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the Trampled Monster is killed).

All Splinters are available except Life and Death.



MYLOR CROWLING (Thorns) Adds Thorns to all ally monsters

FAILED SUMMONER (Magic Reflect) - If enemies are magic, they will take damage back.

BEATRIX IRONHAND (Close Range) - Has high speed and can attack in the first position.

GOBLIN PSYCHIC (Tank Heal) - Can heal the first position monster.

HALFLING ALCHEMIST (Halving) - Breaks your target's attack in half.

GRENADIER (Oppress) - Deals double damage against non-attack enemies.

MITICA HEADHUNTER (Snare) - Literally clips the wings of flying targets.

A battle without the Sneak skill is excellent for using ranged attack monsters or monsters with less health in the back row.

So my main monster to terrorize with its fast and accurate attacks will be the MYTHICAL HEADHUNTER in the last position. Being able to survive for a long time and massacre its targets.


I left FAILED SUMMONER on the front line to damage possible enemy magic monsters and take advantage of the summoner's THORNS.

A team without a strong tank must compensate with speed and attack power, which was my strategy for this battle.

OPPONENT TEAM @splintercat


OBSIDIAN (+1 Magic) Adds +1 magic to allies

UNICORN MUSTANG (Void) - Powerful tank.

FAILED SUMMONER (Magic Reflect) - Reflect magic damage.

GOBLIN PSYCHIC (Tank Heal) - Magic + Heal.

SCAVO TECHNOMANCER (Blast) - Magic + Explosion Damage.

REGAL PERYTON (Flying) - Magic + Great Speed.

The opponent focused his team on magical monsters and a great fast tank that could surprise me if my team was slow and magical.

Still, luckily I managed to predict this strategy.

Click on the image to watch the fight:



With a high attack power able to deal irreversible damage to the enemy tank and the THORNS that punished him, it didn't take long to disappear from the battlefield.

The enemy team is now weakened because it does not have a tank that was the main monster to protect its allies, and MITICA is enraged.



This round wreaked havoc on the enemy team.

My quick and vicious attacks wiped out most targets, leaving only a single monster for the next round.



Even though he could fly faster, the enemy couldn't dodge my attacks and evaporated.


Both teams had great buffs: Thorns for my squad and +1 Magic on the enemy team.

But the speed made the difference.

I could land accurate and lethal attacks on the enemy tank without any chance of healing or defensive reaction for the targets.

Even though my team didn't have a standard tank.

I managed to fill this gap by attacking first and taking away from my opponent his most reliable power, which would be the front line.

Thanks for reading!

See this amazing battle again: @marianaemilia versus @@splintercat

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Images: @splinterlands


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