Splinterlands Amazing Battles – War of the Dragons – Fire and Taunts!


Welcome, Splinter People! We have a Bronze tournament battle today...


With 42 mana cap and the following rules:

Aim true (melee and ranged attacks always hit their target) and Healed Out: (all healing abilities are removed from monsters and summoners).

Available Splinters: Just Life and Dragon.

Click on the image below to watch the fight:

We have here one exciting combination of rules on a now mid-high mana cap.

First, we have only two splinters: Life and Dragon with Life. So an easy choice here, as we have a good amount of mana (but not unlimited).

We go with Dragon to maximize our card pool and also get access to some powerful summoners (Quix and Kitty).

Also, no heals means powerful double heal on a high HP tank are a no, no. And armor and repair are mighty because the other rule (Aim true) means everybody is taking a lot of damage.

Magic is kind of weak in Life on the Bronze league, so that we can expect many Melee and Ranged attacks.

Also, on the Aim True ruleset, the initiative is king. If you land some quick hits, you might remove the tank or some necessary glass cannon high-damage dealer before they do any damage.

So Quix is an easy choice here as a summoner. Reducing Ranged damage by 1 (ranged is very tempting due to Aim True) and letting our damage dealer strike faster and maybe before the opponents.


Our monsters:

Shieldbearer (High HP, high armor taunt to protect our damage dealers for a while).

Carnage Titan (Nice damage with Double strike and reach, also a good off-tank if our Shieldbearer falls). Soul fiend (1 hit last resort tank 0 mana). Dragon Jumper (Fast, flying high damage opportunist).

Parasitic Growth (excellent opportunity to follow up to Dragon Lumper better yet with Aim true).

And Prismologist in the rear (Nice blast ranged attack and good armor and HP to take a couple of sneak hits in case the taunt gets removed).

We have some good firepower, five opportunity damage, six melee damage to the tank, and three extra ranged with an additional two Blast to the second position monster.

Let's see our opponent @tj70930 cards:

Byzantine Kitty: So, Kitty is almost always amazing, but on this set of rules, he is a little wasted. +2 Initiative is fantastic; hitting first is always nice.

But his other two bonuses are canceled, both by the rules. No Heals mean no Tank Heal, and our opponent gets True Strike free with Aim true.

So, we are paying seven mana for +2 init overall, which is a little too much for the price. The initiative is king, remember.


Agor Longtail (isn't this card awesome? Taunt, Void Armor, flying, three initiatives, three melee attack, and two magic BEAST from Riftwatchers.

But 15 mana is a high price tag, more suited for high mana matches. But, damn, even the art is intimidating!).

Sould Fiend (same idea as before, but in the second position).

Stitch Leech (sneak damage), Dragon Jumper (one of the best cards of the Dragon Splinter, as we see here too). Adelade Brightwing (1st repair, excellent magic damage, flying monster).

And at the end of the lineup, Scavo Hireling (for double repair combo on Agor!).


So, the outcome of this battle is to see if our opponent's taunt falls fast, but we have the advantage that we chip two damage to the second position with each round.

If the Dragon falls, the backline crumbles fast with double opportunity attacks from our team. Here is the ranged damage reduction from Quix that gets wasted, but we managed to cancel half the bonus from Kitty.

So, let's see which tanks hold better. I think we have a slight point advantage here, making our monsters a little sturdier. But let's see if the double repair combo works well.


Round 1:

Surprisingly both our tanks survive his round! Our Shieldbearer with 4 HP and Agor with 7.

Adelade repairs once this round, and to no surprise, armor soaks a lot of hits for both teams.

But we get first blood as the blast from the Prismologist removes the opposing Soul Fiend, exposing the first damage dealer, Stitch Leech.


Round 2:

Our Shielbearer falls due to the combined might of the Dragon Jumper and Agor (even the Carnage Titan takes some punishment from these two).

But the combined strength of our team lets the Parasitic Growth bring down the giant Dragon! The 2 HP Stitch Leech is left in front of a still, very sturdy Carnage Titan.


Round 3:

The battle is mostly over by now. Our Soul fiend soaks the damage from the Dragon Jumper and takes one for the team.

Our Dragon Jumper finishes the Leech.

The Carnage titan softens the opposing Dragon Jumper, which the Prismologyst takes down.

Parasitic Growth eats the Scavo Hireling, leaving a damaged Adelade as the only monster left for the enemy team.


Round 4:

Coup de grace by Dragon Jumper. Victory!

Here I can see three important points: Taking the rules into account while selecting the summoner, our opponent wasted some points in the flashy kitty who could have gone to a sturdier 2nd position monster, maybe with some armor because the double repair combo is lost as soon as the first line falls, and he is left with no armored monsters left.

The second is damage focus; we had a double opportunity and frontal damage. Our opponent was all over the place with tank damage, opportunity, and sneak, spreading his damage around.

And last, the importance of having a second-position monster that can take some hits to leave our glass cannons in the back to get more hits before getting exposed.

Another very interesting battle! Thanks for reading!

See this amazing battle again: @marianaemilia versus @tj70903

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Thank you very much!


Agor Longtail is a nice card but i think i will not take has my main front tank i prefer it as a back line tank. Your opponent wasted too much mana their.

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True, if the rule allowed for the tank to heal, it would have been much stronger.


I've never been entirely good at card games. But this one really catches my attention, maybe I could start my wanderings in this kind of games with Splinterlands.


Nice! It's worth it, the game is still starting, come in and be happy. :)


Your opponent misread the rule set for sure, the tank heal was key to his lineup


Truth, without the tank heal his team was no longer so fearsome, even so Kitty is too dangerous!


I love those kind of battles, Dragon vs Dragon.

The big ones at the arena.