Day 1809: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: moving on

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Prompt: moving on

  • Set your timer for 5 minutes
  • Start writing
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  • A free app: Grammarly. A lot of us are not native English speakers and I am finding it a helpful app. It will underline spelling and grammar mistakes. Just remember that is is not always right -especially if you use complex sentence structures. Here is the link

  • Remember The Most Dangerous Writing App. You set the time - 5 min - and start typing. Don’t stop!!! It will destroy what you wrote if you stop for more than 3 seconds - and backspace does not count as writing on the app. If you are prone to stop and think - this app forces you to keep going. You can make corrections after the 5 minutes are over.

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Marilyn was surprised to see her husband's car parked outside the compound.

She got into the house and met him soaked in tears. She feared something happened but he doesn't look hurt so she went close to hold him.
"Honey is anything wrong?", She asked.

Marked looked at her and shook his head before responding.

"Does it matter if anything is wrong?"

Marilyn moved back, she wasn't expecting such a response from a man who hugged and kiss her before leaving the home about three hours ago.

"What do you mean Derek? Why would you ask if I care?" She answered as she sighted an envelope beside him.

"Did anything happen at work?" Marilyn asked as she bend to pick up the envelope.

Derek wiped his tear and stood to face Marilyn, "Nothing happened at work and you just ruined a home we have been building for years. I knew there was more to you and that was why I did a DNA for our daughter over the weekend. That's the result, go on and read cheater".

Marilyn was shocked, she didn't believe her ears. Her hands were trembling as she opened the letter, it was the DNA result.

She skipped the heading and went straight to the body of the letter.

"This is not true Derek, you are the father of my daughter".

Derek almost hit her after that statement but he controlled himself and told her to go pack everything that belongs to her out of the house. He didn't want to see her around until the divorce procedure was completed.

She was weeping and trying to explain things to Derek but he wouldn't listen. Derek went into his room in anger but he returned looking for his phone.

He remembered he left it in the car so he went to pick it up.

Marilyn felt her world was crashing but Derek wasn't ready to hear anything from her.
He reached for his phone and saw several missed calls from a strange number.

It didn't bother him and he just went back inside. The caller called again and it happened to be the medical dispatch rider.

"Hello sir, I mixed up the letter I brought to your office earlier".

Marilyn silently heard the conversation and quickly checked the part she skipped on the letter. It turned out to be where the name of the recipient was and it wasn't theirs.

She dropped the paper and went to start packing her things. Derek came to pick up the paper and checked what the caller claimed.
It was true and he felt down.

He went to meet Marilyn where she was packing and begged her but she didn't listen as well.

" I am moving on Derek. You don't trust me and it is better we live apart" Marilyn continued packing and he went on begging for forgiveness.
She turned down his plea and soon their daughter returned from school.

Marilyn held Jane's hand and told her that they were leaving the house.

She didn't allow her daughter to ask questions before she dragged her with the language.
She was about to open the door when Derek called her. "Marilyn, please give me the chance to make things right"

Marilyn turned around and hugged him, they were both in tears as they muffled words into each other's ears.


The result of my 5-minute freewrite is below.

“Move without moving, do without doing.”

Harry nodded but had no idea what his teacher meant.

“Inaction can often be the best course of action.”

Harry continued to nod, maintaining eye contact, but his mind started to drift. Relating the words of his teacher, to problems back in the real world. Becoming agitated, he stood up. “I have to go, Rover, I’ll be back to learn more tomorrow, maybe.”

Rover nodded, gave a bark of acknowledgment, sniffed the air, and darted down the road.

Harry stood up and brushed the dog hair from his jeans.