Pasta with Mini Meatballs in Sauce with Vegetables/Pasta con Mini Albóndigas en Salsa con Vegetales


🌸Hola Comunidad HIVE🌸

Hello HIVE Community


Buen día amigos, feliz domingo, espero estén pasando un excelente fin de semana.

Días atrás preparé una carne molida para unas torticas y quedó un poco de esta carne condimentada en el refrigerador, la cual hoy decidí utilizar para preparar unas mini albóndigas y disfrutarlas con una pasta corta.

Decidí hacer la salsa para las albóndigas con vegetales, para variar un poco la salsa de tomate acostumbrada en que se cocinan las albóndigas comúnmente.

Good morning friends, happy Sunday, I hope you are having a great weekend.

A few days ago I prepared some ground beef for some tortillas and there was some of this seasoned meat left in the refrigerator, which today I decided to use to prepare some mini meatballs and enjoy them with a short pasta.

I decided to make the sauce for the meatballs with vegetables, to vary a bit the usual tomato sauce in which the meatballs are usually cooked.



  • Crane molida condimentada.
  • 2 Tomates.
  • 2 Ajíes dulce.
  • 2 Papas.
  • 1 Zanahoria.
  • 1/2 Calabacín.
  • Seasoned ground crane.
  • 2 tomatoes.
  • 2 Sweet peppers.
  • 2 Potatoes.
  • 1 carrot.
  • 1/2 Zucchini.




Con la carne vamos a formar bolas pequeñitas para formar las mini albóndigas, que luego llevaremos a freír en un sartén con aceite caliente, hasta que doren un poco.
With the meat we are going to form small balls to form the mini meatballs, that later we will fry in a frying pan with hot oil, until they brown a little.



Cortamos los vegetales y los aliños que vamos a utilizar para la salsa.
Cut the vegetables and the seasonings that we are going to use for the sauce.



Colocamos un sartén con aceite y sofreímos los aliños, luego agregamos el calabacín, la zanahoria y las papas, cocinamos hasta que ablanden lo necesario.
Place a pan with oil and fry the seasonings, then add the zucchini, carrots and potatoes, cook until they are soft enough.



Luego agregamos las mini albóndigas acompañando con un poco de pasta de tomate y media taza de agua para ayudar a disolver este último, agregamos sal, y especies al gusto y dejamos cocinar hasta que la salsa obtenga el espesor deseado.
Then add the mini meatballs along with a little tomato paste and half a cup of water to help dissolve the tomato paste, add salt and spices to taste and let cook until the sauce reaches the desired thickness.


Mientras cocinamos nuestra pasta colocando agua a hervir y agregando la pasta en esta ocasión macarrones, cocinamos hasta que estén al dente, colamos.
While we cook our pasta by placing water to boil and adding the pasta in this occasion macaroni, cook until al dente, strain.



Servimos este rico plato de pasta con estas mini albóndigas en salsa con vegetales que ha quedado muy rica.
We serve this rich pasta dish with these mini meatballs in sauce with vegetables that has been very rich.

Esta ha sido mi receta de hoy espero les haya gustado.
This has been my recipe today I hope you liked it.

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Hello dear, your cooking today is so awesome. Actually, this healthy recipe is such a delicious and brings a lot of nutrition.


Precisely because of the nutritional aspect, I liked the idea of incorporating vegetables to a recipe that by itself is very tasty. Greetings and thanks for commenting.