Ok Im not going to talk about the massive result of what happened in young millenial "millionaire" in 2019. The premis of the course is how to make $100-$300 a day, okay the thing is we have to find the VIRAL stuff to sell and if you can't make it viral then you have to pay the ads to make it happen.

Here is the catch, it almost bullshit from the horse butt if you think this cost $0 considering the pool were already filled with the big fish, bunch of people with a ton of money that ready to burn their money in order to pay ads. They know how to read the market right and they have team to break it down to them DAILY.

Secondly, lets say you already have this Viral Stuff ready to sell in front of you but the scale still in the shape of 1:30.000 for each purschase from your inventory. Why ??? people already notice how to look it up for themself, people already know Alibaba, Aliexpress, Etsy etc. They know how to make it "smart" for themself, no matter where you from or where are right now YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THOSE BY YOURSELF, and you even you don't know the name of the product YOU CAN SCAN IT BY YOURSELF.


Find the market and sell. My friend in almost courses that I'd learn almost 80% of it stayed in MAKE THE DEMAND AND SELL, was it impossible ? No but at the very least you have to find the right market or in this case you have to had a comodity to turn into your capital market, or in the short way a followers or fans.


Yes and most of the time more you dig it deeper and deeper you can't really tell the different between the reseller or the dropshipper. I mean in contrast you don't put brand or anything you just mark up the price and sell it. I dont want to make any drama through this article or something but in the end I just want you to know its almost impossible to start the bussinesses with 0 money.

In conclusion I want you to know if you think you can handle it in the tough road right now then please go for it, I just want you to know there so many people out there using you as a money bag, put you as in object of trade, asking your email and so many thing so they can continously sell their product to you and non of them called a fair bargain unless they really teach you linear and step by step untill help you to pick te stuff you going to sell.

and Im sorry my friend.. unless a courses and "mindset" there is nothing they sell.. even so many of them give you a screen shot of the profit but non of them showing you how much they paid for the ads.

Thankyou everyone, I hope this will help you to see the alarm and I hope you always make it in every bussinesess you build.