How to live your life as a damaged person

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Yes this is my first time in 3speak. I will constantly upload High quality video like this to this site, and hopefully this can help you guys or perhaps could be a form of entertaiment, its HD and narrated after all.

So... Its about

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I dont mad or intimidate by those step.. but somehow I find everyone really bussy adding "value" in Internet.. The value is content, even though most of the time is so so so forced for the sake of the content. No longer place for a people who struggle throughout their life, everybody has to be perfect in front of camera, in the eye of the internet.

I made this video to remind us about fragile people still lives among us, they dont carve for attention but they need for attention not for glorification but for to continue with their life. I know this is not much and I know this might sucks, but I do my best for all of you that feel the same.

#mentalillness #mentaldisorder #help #askmeforhelp

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