Hi its been awhile for me to post in this community , not because I want to leave but because in order to prove my theory it requires time in the purpose so I guess this time is perfect for this one...

GET READY #hivepets because this one comes with fact..

How crazy is it to watch them grow healthy and find out the truth of the people you care about, SAME FOR ME..!!! if you don't know or haven't ever heard of my beloved pet Sunshine and 4K you can check out my post about it.

Ok the thing is this post still can be considered as a continuity of my post about my pets (Reptile). For over months I gave you guys tips to take care of #tortoise like what kind of UVB that suit for the Tortoise, what kind of food, what kind of vitamins and supplement even what kind of medicine for the Tortoise. By that I guess you guys wondering "is this guy just made up that thing or he talk based on fact", well Im not blaming you for have that kind of thought because it is hard to find the truth these days from internet, but I can swear it guys in the matter of reptile I will never put intrigue or preseption just for the vote or likes, you can trust me on it.

Ok the plot twist is 4K IS FEMALE !!! and now she even bigger than Sunshine due the fact female Indianstar Tortoise is larger than the male. I don't know guys Im so happy about this, I mean I have a couple Tortoise guys !!! what a surprise.. 4K was way smaller that Sunshine and always more shy even if you guys talk about appetite 4K seems always moody about it.

I believe I'd already put post on this but this one is about my experiences along the way that might help you guys help your Tortoise happy and healthy.

UUUUUGHHH... I can't help myself how happy I am right now, I also already asked the Vet about this and she says chances of 4K as a female is about 80% so I guess this can't be wrong. I also checked the healthy of these two and she also replied with a great news 4k and Sunshine are healthy as horse.

I guess with all these experiences throughout the years I want to give you guys tips and trick about this and I swear it this going to be useful. O h ya... the reason I put a lot of word above is clearly because Im so happy about it and secondly to give you guys some luminance this post also based on the Vet statement about their condition so this not only a fictional post.

Here we go..

There are 3 indicator for make sure the sex of the Tortoise.

  1. Lower Body
  2. Tail
  3. Size

As Far as I know this was the easiest way to notice the sex of your Tortoise and it can be seen after 2 or 3 years, BUT if you know someone that really put time for the experiences like some of my friends they can tell you the sex after a years ONLY if you buy it and put good care of it from the small size (5-6cm).

Ok for the female the low body going to be plain and straight and for the male it will show you the cirve of the lower body.

I know the picture lil bit confusing it was because all of the after pooping and I guess the tail/rectum lil bit shrinkin. I love it you know when you guys put comment or asking for the question, I guess that is the sign this post is alive.

Yah mainly the male tail is longer and more pointy and the female more like more wide and fat. I guess that's the shortest way to describe it, if you want more accuracy ask your vet or nearest ReptileGod in your area.

Here is my best tips to maintain the grow healthy, so easy and yet so hard to do. FIRST HYGIENE, SECOND FOOD. I swear it if you talk about UVB lamp etc I guess it really out of topic why because its a must and no debate, don't you dare put step on reptile world without even knowing the use of UVB.

in other hand food and hygiene somehow confusing for some people, so I think this is a nice topic to put up and also I do this on fact.

First thing, I want to discuss about Hyigiene of the Tortoise it self not the Terarium or the bedding or whatever you call it. So many people put focus nose and eyes, I don't say it was wrong but I guess some of keeper forget t check the carapace FULLY, like from side , behind, bottom and top. Some of Tortoise has really problem with bacteria that eating the outer body because of hygiene or simply the condition where he lived. So I suggest you guys to put focus on the detail.

I always do this every week to maintain the body, remember guys Tortoises are eksoskeleton means their bones outside the body like our teeth, so you guys have to touch it with your skin to know if something happens with them, also you guys have to understand their behaviour if some bacteria eating their bones from outside. TRUST ME ITS PAINFULL TO WATCH.

Secondly their home. I prove it to you guys the bedding doesn't have to be with wood bark etc as long as you can make sure you put them out there at your garden for playing around once a day I guess this set up is perfect. Its easier to control and also it doesn't make them walking lazy.. I mean they still can walk sturdy on the ground not like a snake. I personally add like a stone element for their nails and I make home for the tortoise by the simply wood so UVB light can still penetrate and I also don't forget to bring some rea plant to add oxygen for their home.. and water to drink offcourse.

I swear it this way you can enjoy the view of the Tortoise and the clean set up for your pet with have no worry for the hygiene ofcourse.

These all my ultimate weapon for the healthiness.. For the pellets I use Japanese made and Indonesian made, for the purpose of appetite and nutrition, high fiber and low fiber.. Variation is a must.

For the Vitamins I believe in the name of white people product. Im not going to lie about this but REPTOBOOST REALLY DOES HELP ESPECIALLY IF THEY DONT HAVE THE "MOOD" . Tendency to sick, have no appetite, slow and lazy all of that done by Reptoboost. Calcium every three days and everything just going to be fine.

I think that's all that I can share guys, nothing more. Im so happy about it and hope this can help you guys out. This post based on my experience and I guess you can use it as references and also this can apply to any other Tortoise.

Thanks for your time and see you later #hive