I know it sounds crazy, I know it sounds like so egocentric but my obsession for Reptile not in the intermediate level anymore (I guess). I guess its crystal clear for me to mention you guys about this Reptile world in the narative of information, I know again Im just a guy who happen to have channel to make it happen and I know so many of you have a smae obsession but has no a legit pull to help you out. I know it feels suck to have that condition but perhaps this post might help you out for preparation in case you have a smae animal in the future.


First thing first YES this animal is the one of the carnivour Reptile that I had. I used to had the Bearded Dragon but I guess that animal is pretty different with this one, oh ya I also had.. I mean still have a monitor lizard but today topic is the CROCODILE.

Ya as much as you know the other name of this animal is alligator. Some of you hate or even disgusted by this animal, but personally as an animal lover (CERTIFIED) I guess the way I look to these creature, my POV surely cannot be folded by majority people in our society. You know some of people really dont have any "expectation" with snakes, or spider or alligator or any scary animal, well sometimes.. neither do I. What Im trying to say is you surely understand there was a huge and bold line between wild animal who lives in the wild and wild animal that grew in captives. Along with my experiences no matter how love or how affection of the beauty of nature can provide still cannot make people say "I love swimming in this shark-invested water" or "I love feeding alligator in the lake with my kano" or something like that.


So ya I bought this from one of my colleague , dead serious expensive but also not so big as a crocodile. So I guess I still can provide the Habitat in the friendly and healthy way for him. This species come from Southern America, the main problem of these animal they considered as an enemy so it doesn't matter how you threat this animal because eventually they going to be killed one day, more or less the story is sounds like that, EVEN THOUGH there was so many animal protecter that worked hard to protect this animal.


Yes, I dont do the import thing, I bought from the captives breed, btw the stand tall left one is mine he has this eyes issue that still Im working with. I think for you that might want the same pet as me theres some thing that you have to take in mind as I mentioned in the picture. The habitat is dead serious you can't make force to yourself without any consideration to just simply own the animal. The animal eat meat and the animal moving around and hiding around to sharping the instinc it require a propher place for that. The food I personally feed him chicken one a week, the live one. The place must be filled by natural sun light in the morning, have a steel bar (optional) and out of the child range, and the water please proovide water as natural as it can be. So many Alligator keeper use water that has chlorine contained in it.


Yes this one is expensive as I meantioned earlier. I think the "expensive" come in package for this carnivour animal, you have to understand without a phroper place to live it will damage the mentality of the alligator itself. The food is also increadibly expensive because I have to provide a living creature to feed, and it still considerably expensive no matter you come from.


I personally just had so many complain threw by neighboors for these animal. I dont blame them for that but I guess after I talk and have a conversation with them they finnally understand. Offcourse the main concern of this animal is How if one day human error struck me and eventually cause a lot of danger for the neighboorhood. So I manage myself to have a good and secure place to show them, even still in blueprint or at least I still hire some construction worker to have such a good environment.


You go by "Bruhh, which part of this animal that able to considered as cute ???" and I be like "HAHAHAHAHHAHAA, actually you right" but better I show him as a pet rather than I show him as a wallet. I personally super duper hate when human.. higher intelect creature exploit animal only simply for a fashion. Why.. it really breaks my heart


Here some funny picture that I scann from the captives, here some little bit enlightment for whats going on. Some of them are three time even four time bigger than DWARF CAIMAN and availble on the market for the baby BUT... I don't even know if Im able to feed them so... I use my little bit of my logic in the situation.

I dont do any recommendation to have have one of these animal to you, the main purpose of this post just to give a little bit education and for the entertaining purpose.. and bragg little bit offcourse.🤣

So again, Im just a regular guy who happen to love Reptile, I mean my favourite animal always come from the species so I dont really mean to put like other annimal is better than this or make a ny comparation. I also love dog, now my biggest concern about my dog is.. he is beagle he move a round like crazy so I have to make the enclosure so riggid and propher. I also want to give you any other animal that belong to me but in this short time I think Tortoise is the best for blogging material.

For you guys that thing little bit dark about me you guys not fully wrong. I mean I understand what kind of sick person who has Alligator as a pet, but I just want you to know every animal without exeption deserves better attention especially those who considered as a disgusting animal.

I guess thats all for today hope you enjoy my post, and hope you don't rally me with bad words.
Thankyou guys hope you always well and healthy
God bless you.



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