High education need high-mindedness!

There are difference among educated, well-educated, higher educated and so on. We need to fight to be a well-educated person. Indeed we are here to fight, learn and survive not to be a coward.
Don't panic, everything is going well. Stay on right path, it will guide you to the right track. You just needed to be honest with you. Life is too short to sort things up, be proactive.

I am impressed by my own self whenever I think about my desire and effort about my goals . Sometimes I think how can such a young girl think so much about her own career?!

The disadvantage of coming from a highly educated family is that there is a lot of lack of high-mindedness in the family.

Children of highly educated families suffer more depression.If the rest of the family members have a higher degree, they don't even consider others as human if they don't have an equivalent degree.
Holding a high degree becomes a norm for which there is no room left for self-indulgence.

One's higher education becomes a burden to others, at the end of the day one adds to the number of suicides.

Education is worthless if it does not make the mind better. Everyone is different, everyone has different wishes.

Who does not know about me, how will he know how I'm ? What do I want?! If family doesn't understand me as I am, because they haven't seen me up close, how can they judge me ?! I stopped verifying closeness by blood.

For me his line , "Education is worthless if it does not make the mind better. Everyone is different, everyone has different wishes." - is 100% justified

No one's efforts fail because Allah is with those who strive.

I think , If you want to be a writer, focus on writing.If you want to become BCS cadre then study accordingly.If your aim is to become a faculty member then keep CGPA accordingly.

I know myself who doesn't miss class even with severe breathlessness, I know me who stays up at night studying with weakness after bleeding from the mouth.
I know how career-oriented I'm !

People will talk. Some for good some for holding you back.

That's it for today , thanks for reading, May Allah bless you all.