Answer To Geography Quiz


I held a geography quiz yesterday asking which European capital city had the most similar climate to that of Toronto, Canada.

This is the annual distribution of temperature and precipitation of Toronto, Canada:


The European national capital with the most similar climate to Toronto's is Kiev, Ukraine


Image sources: Wikipedia

The data are almost identical.

The daily mean temperature of January is -3.7 C in Toronto and -3.5 C in Kiev. The daily mean temperature of July is 22.3 C in Toronto and 20.6 C in Kiev. The daily average maximum temperatures are 26.6 C and 25.6 C, respectively.

Kiev is a little cooler and drier. But generally the diagrams look very similar.

Kiev is located at the 50th northern latitude and Toronto is at the 43rd northern latitude. Toronto is on the northern shore of one Lake Ontario, which is one of the Great Lakes. Kiev is 400 km to the north of the Black Sea, a much bigger body of water than any of the Great Lakes. Both are exposed to frigid winds from the northern interiors of the respective continents.

It is notable that Kiev's location is seven latitudes further to the north than Toronto's. Europe is much warmer than the eastern parts of North America on the same latitudes because of the prevailing westerly winds that blow over the North Atlantic and the shape of the North Atlantic that facilitates the flow of warm surface water from the Caribbean to the far north of Europe where arctic sea ports are ice free around the year.