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Acquiring a higher degree after the basic bachelor's degree is an added advantage both in career development and job search but many reports coming out from students pursing their masters degree in Nigerian University clearly suggest that Msc in Naija university could be a waste of one's time.

Are you a master degree holder acquired from a Nigerian University, you can share your experience with us in the comment section of this post.

Normally, depending on the course of study, obtaining a master's degree takes one to two years. However, this is not the case at our Nigerian universities. Through my own experiences, those of my siblings, and those of many others, I have first-hand knowledge of this topic. You'd be quite fortunate in Nigerian universities to complete your MSC in two years.

First Experience

My older brother began a master's degree at Nigeria University, and after successfully completing his course work within the first year, finding a supervisor for his thesis work proved difficult because they claimed that all of their professors were currently busy. This happened for months, then years, until he gave up on the masters. You know our country, they expect you to pay for each of all those extra years outside of your one or two years, and yet they wouldn't help you finish fast.

Second Experience
On the other side, my sister had a similar experience. After successfully completing the criteria for her course work and thesis, she was forced to give up on the defense of her thesis. She gave up the defense because the professor wouldn't let her leave. She had only the thesis defense left, thus her situation was much different. Then she received a scholarship offer for another masters program abroad.

She knew she'd be leaving in a short time, so she tried all her best to the school fix a date for her defense but instead of doing that, the supervisor bluntly told her that she can't chase two things at the same time. Funny isn't it? She begged for an online defense through zoom but to no avail.

Me saying I'm done
The story of Nigeria Universities and their delay tactics towards students pursuing their MSC keeps pumping in everyday and yet I thought it was a child's play. I have invested years in another Nigerian university, made a distinction in the course work, but unfortunately, I regret to announce that I'm done. I can't let people frustrate me for no reason. We can't keep going through this mess in the name of a degree.

Another good friend of mine called me yesterday to inform me that he will be completing another MSC form after spending three years at a Nigerian institution pursuing a master's degree with no prospect of success. What specifically did we do wrong to this nation? While other nations provide grants, ours only provide frustration.

It is a piece of advice to everyone seeking to pursue an MSC degree in Nigeria to have a rethink unless he/she is already immune to frustration. These people here do not care about your well-being. As a matter of fact, some of them see you as a threat. I vividly remember my first result when I was pursing a post-graduate diploma program. I had offered nine courses that semester and got an A in eight and a C in one. Due to the fact that I wasn't expecting to get a C in that particular course, I approached the lecture to find out what went wrong.

Instead of attending to the matter I brought up, he looked at me, checked my other results, and said, "Martin, you are here complaining about just a C when you made an A in eight. During my own time, I finished with a third class. In my mind, I was like, "Wtf is this dude saying?" But that was it. He didn't care. He chose not to review it and I had to let him be.

To whom it may concern
Please do yourself a favor and look for admittance outside of this country, my dear future MSc students. You have a chance of receiving a grant. My two siblings who were victims of Nigerian fraud received one. You can receive. Avoid being a victim.

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Pursuing MSc in Nigeria is not advisable. Though i haven't met anyone with a bad experience, i wouldn't want my masters to be here.