Sunday Shots

Sundays are so special to me because I use this day to worship God, have my personal reflection, rest from work and have fun.

Going to Mass was an awesome one. I woke up this morning feeling very weak. The thought of sleeping back ran through my mind severally but I refused to fall into the temptation of not going to the house of God. Instead of missing the mass, I attended the 10AM Mass.

The time of spending hours to select an outfit left me with this ready-made wear. It's a simple skirt and blouse. I do feel very comfortable in this dress and it saves me the morning rush stress.

After the Homily, which centred on "Jesus Christ, the way, the truth and the life." The spiritual aspect was the most important to me because the sermon was impactful with lots of lessons.

After Mass, I decided to round off with some pictures. I took these pictures because I regained strength and felt inner peace of mind after the Mass. Pictures tell us how beautiful we are, I love the me God created.


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