Last drawing of the year

Hello everyone, today is the last day of the year in my part of the world. and so as the last drawing of this year i had to make a drawing.
unfortunately i didn't have a lot of time. there's two hours left and i would have loved to spend more time but i have to get busy doing other things.
So i did a quick drawing of a girl with red light dots on her face.
I blended the colors on her face with a texture type brush so the drawing has so much of that which i like a lot.

I wish you a happy new year and hopefully you have fulfilled your goal from this year and wish luck for next years goal.

red lights.jpg

here are some process shots:
Screenshot (922).png

Screenshot (923).png

Screenshot (924).png

Screenshot (925).png

Screenshot (926).png

Reference image used for this drawing.


This is one of my favorites of yours. You did so well with the lights on her face and the depth in her eyes 🧡