Akintola Leaf 🌿🍀 For Quick Blood Clotting || Fresh Weeds Grow In Spread Form During Raining Season


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There are so many plant that are cultivated and there are so many plants that are all cultivated which makes them with a categorized name called unwanted plant. This unwanted plant can be a form of plants that are very close to your cultivated crop while some are very dangerous in the sense that they will attack your cultivated crop gradually and even Mount them up slowly and gradually which at the end of the planting season if care is not taken it will die off. There in Nigeria we have thousands of unwanted plant which are also very useful to human being. As far as I'm concerned this is one of the weed that is also very useful to human being.


It has a lot of names locally and also the English name as well. In our own language with his Yoruba language it is called Ewe Akintola. This name also implies relatively with other people's name. The plant can grow anywhere and anytime. I've seen some cases where by the Akintola Weed grow few days after there is a bush burning. Sometimes this Bush burning is being used to control weed. But we didn't feel days after the bush burning it will start regenerating again. When you plant your crop it will start to compete with what you are ready planted.

  • It is very useful to human being for so many purposes such as healing of fresh wounds and so on. You can easily Plant this around your environment but when it starts to grow up and germinate it will start to spread around. Note that, it may end up becoming a big bush that will attract and harbor wild animals.




I know that there will be some other great uses of this particular plant to human being and also to animals as well but these are just a few instances of how to use it to benefit from the plants. This particular plant is also used in combination with other dried herbs to fight malaria, measles and so on.





Does that sell Herbal plants, and teas will definitely know what I am saying. I saw this so many times around them and this is why I said so. It is absolutely useful.




You can also add the fresh leave with its stem to other fresh herbs and it will act more effectively and efficiently. It fight alot of diseases.




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This leave have save some many people especially those in the village the morning of going to the hospital, I have an experience with this leave very good and fast to clotting and I think it's also useful for other disease


It's nice to have seen this. Being a med Dr, I know there is so much power in herbs, y we don't know the side effects and the right quantity for the best effects.

But really, I know someday, our herbs will be more explored and more drugs can be created from them.
Ewe Akintola, I will look out for it too.