Another New Achievement Done With Significant Knowledge Acquired Years Ago || Jute Vegetables 🌿🌿🌱 Growing Up Within 20 Days


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This is a very good farming sign which is a positive motivation as well simply because what I planted turns out to be a very good deal. I mean farming deal because it turns out to germinate very well and in the sense of this I will also motivate people to go into farming matter how small it is. When I started this planting of a thing it looks like there will be a very negative results because of the type of weather we are having at the moment but when it comes to farming activities and some other things I'm always positive and I keep on repeating myself until the end result is very encouraging and also motivative. This at the moment is 20 days old Jute vegetable seedbed. Record-keeping is always a very good sign of seriousness and also a very good farming activity.

This is what I always do when it comes to the planting of crops inside a mobile seedbed most especially bucket. I have to cover the top in order to avoid birds pecking on the planted seeds. It is highly necessary for me although we have different types of Planting skills but this is what I do most times.



  • This seeds germinated within a short period of time due to the Method I used. The warm water method to plant. I learnt this method several years ago, just like the ancient method of Planting but yes, up till this time. It worked well.




  • Next on my agenda here is manually weeding. It will take some hours because it will be picked up bit by bit to avoid uproot of cultivated crops.





During the Raining Season Cultivated crop do more best but for those who want to try during the dry season too. Its allowed and also worth giving a trial too.



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Quad 48 MP, f/1.8, # Camera Details. ( Infinix Note 7 )

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Single 16 MP, f/2.0, 26mm (wide), 1/3.06", 1.0µm
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Do you also believe in the "green thumb" myth? Are some people really gifted when it comes to planting, as they have a cool touch for sowing seeds? I think you have that gift too admin 🫡❤️


Yes, that's true to some extent there are some people who actually has more ants in agricultural mindset lifestyle this is just a tip of the iceberg in the sense that when they go into cultivation of crops planting of crops range of animals traveling photography and some other things they are absolutely good at that. No doubt. But there are also some people who can learn all these as well it is practicable. So whichever way it goes, You learn it or it's a gift it's all the same. When you learn it its day-to-day activities if it is also a gift it is a day-to-day activities as well.

Everybody has gifted hands it is only for us to discover ourself and go into practice. Going into practices makes a discovered talent or knowledge very useful to the entire world. when you are gifted you need to practice just like an artist. you are a gifted artist but you don't practice or use to 2-5 hours to draw daily. Within a short period of time it will gradually go out of hands. you can also learn as a farmer day-to-day activities and be gifted as well. @eunoia101


Warm water seed? I don't understand that and I will appreciate if you shed a bit of light on that.

You are doing a great job with the jute, will be need to transplant or will they all grow in the bucket?

  • Like I said earlier on this, there is a very odd method that is being used for many decades which is also applicable even at our own time nowadays. I would like to expantiate on this on a very photographic way to explain but before then, let talk it out a little bit more.

  • Going into this type of warm water seed helping to germinate is from the name itself. Warm water, you will boil water until it reaches it boiling point and you pour it into a bowl and add your seed to it. This method is mainly for the seeds that has a very hard coat on it. For example, Jute Vegetable Seed among others. There after, you cover it for 10 minutes or more then spread it on there already prepared soil. It will germinate within few days, 7-10 days of Planting @george-dee