Gundam Plastic Model #3: Sazabi the iconic Mobile suit of Char's Counterattack

Ah yes The Red Comet, Char Aznable's Sazabi is a thicc boi and so intimidating. Armed with the beam shot rifle, two beam sabers/hawk, its iconic shield and being in the third installment in the series that had these New Types, it had six funnels that can deployed from its back and attack independently.


I just love the red color scheme of Char's custom mobile suits but the Sazabi was specifically made for his New Type abilities and ace piloting skills.

I built the High Grade Sazabi and is easily the biggest of the kits that I have done so far. Master Grade is even bigger and has more details but it costs more. Maybe someday.

IMG_20221230_225921 - Copy.jpg

The box art is so beautiful with its shield thrust forward and the funnels flying around.

I started out with building the torso and I just love the yellow vent and the tubing it has giving it a color separation.


The torso and should pads were next as well as the funnel weapon system that opens and closes.

I was kinda bummed out when the lower torso and vents did not have color separation of the red and yellow and this is something I might need to get some water decal stickers or even do some painting.

The head was next and the arms. I was also able to do the rest of the weapon systems. With the Beam Shot Rifle it was two pieces that were just put together and I also think I will need more stickers and paint to get it more details. That is the thing with HG models it has a few stickers and color corrections that you need to do unlike if you have a MG class kit but the price difference is more than double though and as much as I want to splurge I still need to have a budget for it.


The legs were next and it really is a big boi as you have boosters underneath and the armor giving it a bulky look. A lot of empty space that needs some filling which I plan to scribe some lines and paint those to give more details.


Here are the rest of the weapons with the shield that I was able to get the sticker and that is the problem that a lot of Gundam Kit hobbiest has against stickers is that you can clearly see the raised form of the edges unlike water decals which kind blends better and of the course the scratch on decals which is the best.

I also attached the beam effects and so you can see the beam axe or it could be turned into a beam sword and the two beam sabers.

Also done are the two propellant tanks which is used to increase the operational time of the mobile suit.


Once everything is done it is time to assemble everything! Put on the final stickers and buff up some of the parts that I sanded down to get it a bit more shiny.


Here it is wielding the beam sword in both of its hand.


I love how it is taking a thrusting stance with the blade running over its open hand to guide it on strike.

Here it is with the two beam sabers.


Here is it with the beam hawk (axe) and its shield turned to the side giving it a more defensive stance.


I just love that shield and its defensive use and how it covers most of its body except of course its thicc thighs which is well armored instead.

The most important part is of course protecting the cockpit which is often located in the torso area.


I will definitely go back to this kit and add more details, stickers and paint as the Sazabi is one of my most favorite non- Gundam Mobile suits.

Get a better backdrop and maybe some lighting in order to have better pictures. I want to do so much and show how passionate I am in making these kits.

More than wanting to post it and have it look good I think the best result that I have with building these kits is the peace that I feel as I just focused on each part. Of that dopamine hit whenever I finish a part and that smile that I get once I put everything together. It brings me joy.