50 hive winner from @donald.porter's Crypto-giveaway!




It feels ever intriguing to be a winner ! Being one of the selected few for a prize , being granted a gift, being at the receiving end of a freebie.
You must understand how I feel by now, yassss! I was one of the selected few in @donald.porter's Crypto-giveaway on twitter ! Offering 250 hive to 5 lucky people, and yours truly @maverieux000 was one of the lucky winners!!!!

Amazing right ? This is not the first time I would be participating in such Crypto-giveaways, as a matter of fact this would be my second win!
@nonsowrites decided to host a giveaway sometime in February or thereabout, and the contest was amazing! @donald.porter is one of the few of such crypto philanthropist alongside @nathanmars who all day everyday shills hive on twitter , it appears it's his life goal! Awesome guy!
And as you can see from the Twitter poll, we love everything about hive..!

The Crypto-giveaway by @donald.porter it appears would be on a monthly basis and I believe it's his own way of giving back to the hive community members, showing us the essence of the hive community, what we stand for , and also shilling Hive on twitter, this is obviously very important to him!
To participate in @donald.porter's #cryptogiveaway, you need to firstly open up a hive account ( it's free)
Sign up here: https://peakd.com/register?ref=donald.porter
Secondly you'd need to follow @DonaldPorterJM on twitter, if you love hive, you'd love to follow this account!
Thirdly be active , you can turn on notifications on his account so as not to miss any such important information as regards hive and hopefully his Crypto-giveaway!.

My gratitude goes out to @donald.porter for this selfless act, may his barns always be full and may his hands always have to give, and for me , the 50 hive which was well received came in at the most amazing time! It serves as an encouragement for me as I'm still shedding off newbie skin , it gets tough sometimes, but thanks to this amazing Initiative ! Yes Crypto-giveaway wouldn't make you wealthy, but it sure is a good feeling to win something once in a while..
Kudos to the other lucky winners !
And keen gratitude to @donald.porter.

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Big man! Share the money...!

I am glad you could win something on here. Don't forget to power some of those wins up. Cheers