Sunday Book Club The Compound Effect Chapter 1

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What A Lovely Day To Read A Book

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy is an amazing book. This video
covers chapter 1. Even in this first chapter you can get a feel for the
power of this methodology.

Thi is not just my summary of chapter 1, but more importantly, how I am applying the book in the real world. Why would we spend our time in study with out practical application.

Not to worry this is not going to be a 1 chapter at a time series. Yes it
only takes a few hours to get through an audio book. In this series I will learn a chapter and apply what I learned and then share the
experiance with all of you.

My big take away from chapter 1 "Wow this sounds like Jon Olson"
Little tiny steps, taken consistantly, can ovetime lead to giant leaps.

You will not find the above in the book because I took the entire chapter and boiled it down to 1 statement. For me all of the stories in
chapter 1 have only one purpose, to illustrate the general meaning of
the term "The Compound Effect".

This first chapter inspired me to take steps today to get my work area, under control, organized, and a pleasant workspace, to be completed and proved on December 1st 2021.

I only have six days so I need to get busy. Thank you for spending a
part of your day with me :-)

Thank you so much for spending a part of your day with me :-)

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I been trying to get into reading more but i find it hard to be honest it takes me so long lol