How I Changed My Luck On Hive

Fortune Favors The Bold

We have all heard that old cliche a million times. I would have to say it is only partially right. Fortune really favors consistency.

I have been told that if you are active on Hive daily the rewards are pretty good. As a beginner maybe the first few days were consistent and boom a big drop-off.

What Changed?

Although it is only two words long, "What changed?" is an awesome question. The only thing that changed was my attitude. Rather than Hive being an experiment or a way to be social, I treated the activities like a job.

For the past 28 days, I have shown up daily. Contributed content, and have upvoted and commented. Doing these things daily, I have caught people's attention. Now I am getting upvotes and comment on not only my content but also my comments.

I Have Also Been Showing Up

Many people have live videos here on the blockchain, it is amazing when you start showing up to those lives consistently. Ever get free advice from a millionaire, I have right here on Hive for just being social and participating.

I went from saying I am unlucky at games of chance to winning $10 NFT Splinterlands Card. Had I not shown up I never would have had a chance of getting the card and now boom it sits happily in my Splinterlands game.

It Works Like Magic

Today right now I am not earning a full-time income on Hive, but I am earning a decent part-time income on Hive that I am sure with some consistency will develop into an awesome full-time income, and then some.

It works like magic but it is not really magic at all. Just being rewarded for consistent daily actions, over time that will develop into financial security.

Watch for my upcoming video entitled "My Plan To Scale Up My Hive Business" for details on how I will achieve a fulltime income on Hive.

Thank you so very much :-)


Awesome to hear your story my friend keep going you deserve it
Have a blessed and successful day
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