My weekend fixing my bike and taking some pictures🚲 🌸. 🌿

To know how to live is to do the best we can with what we have at the moment we are in.

A. Jodorowky

Those who know me know that I love to ride a bike, it is the sport I practice the most, but what I like the most is that my bike is as comfortable as possible.

I had long wanted to change the grips on my bike but always postponed it for one thing or another, finally one night I decided to order them on Amazon, and yesterday I got them.

But first, let me share with you some pictures I took after fixing my bike, there is a favorite place in my tour, it is under a tree after passing a small bridge, here I have already taken many pictures, I love how those little red fruits come out that honestly, I don't know if they are edible.

I also love to annoy the bees by taking pictures of them, surely someday they will sting me, I hope I am not allergic to their stings. I am very happy with the pictures I get from my new cell phone, hope you guys like it.





Ok, now I tell you about my adventure changing the handles of the bike.


In the package came the two handles with their metal rings to adjust them and two plugs. The truth is that there were several options but among the cheaper ones, these were the nicest. At first, I did not know whether to buy them in black or red but in the end, I opted for this combination.


I honestly thought it was too difficult to change them and was thinking of leaving the job to my husband, but after observing the situation I realized that I could handle it. I think the hardest part was holding the cell phone with one hand and doing the work with the other! 😁

When I finished placing the handle, I realized that the cap or lid was loose and came out of the hole, so I helped myself with some black tape and problem solved, I do not know if this will last long but I'll let you know. 🤓





Every weekend, even if we do the same thing, the experience will always be different. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. 🤗


Wow, I am impressed. I love to see a a woman doing some technical work, you are awesome and earned a hug for that.

The grip is important and you did a good job with it. The picture is cool, what are those red fruit called? It doesn't look familiar.


Hi George, thanks for your compliments but it really wasn't hard job.
Regarding the plant, I always take pictures of these little fruits but I had never found out about them. So I made the task of researching to answer you, what I could find is that they are not edible and they call it false peppers or Molle, its tree is originally from Peru where the leaves and stem are used for their medicinal properties.
Happy week to you, hugs! 🤗