CineTv Contest #38: Overdrive

The movie I watched and so much cherish the cars used in it, is OVERDRIVE.
This movie shows expert skills in driving and also, car theft as well. the drivers were great goodness! The cars could move.
Andrew and Garret who were brothers specialize in stealing cars not just any car but rare cars that are so valuable and can be kept as a perfect selection.

The first wonder car to behold in the movie was a Bugatti that was bought in an auction, it was sold to a crime boss, Jacomo and they stole the car on transit. The way the car did a 360 turn was it touch the asphalt as it was rolled down the truck that was carrying it was so so awesome.

They tried selling the car but they got captured by Jacomo’s men and were blindfolded and take to him. He showed them his car collection and then decides to shoot them. In other to escape death, the two car thieving brothers cut him a deal; they would help him steal a very Expensive Ferrari own by Max, who was a rival to Jacomo. Well, he agreed and gave them one week to execute the theft.

Andrew and his brother, Garret quickly put together team to execute the theft and they even added both their girlfriends to the thieving crew.

The day of the predetermined robbery came and Jacomo was awaiting his prized Ferrari but later got to know that the team had actually doubled-crossed him as it was his car collections they were actually after. He drove to his house and found out that they had stolen his cars and were already escaping and so he chased them. Here come a great show of diving and power of the vehicles used. The cars stolen were all of small sizes but could well accommodate two persons and contrary to their size, boy! The cars could move. They had speed, were easy to maneuver and their tyres were rolling like silk on the tarred road, as if they had been oiled over the surface.
At the end, Andrew and Garret still got hold of Max's most precious car.