My first white hairs


Just yesterday, I was looking at the mirror and I saw two white hairs in my head. It was a quick reminder that am getting older and some part of me are getting weaker by the day. Life is characterised by the changes one undergoes in one's life time. And this remain one hard truth we have to accept at some point in our lives.

I stay with my grandma, I sometime could feel the wish in her voice to be young when she narrate to us her youthful dealings. As years go by, the hard truth about aging and becoming weak becomes even clearer to me. This grandma of ours do narrate to us how they do walk a long distance of kilometers to go visit families and friends, but that is the same person who cannot now walk from her room to the parlour. And virtually beg for almost everything to be done for her.

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When I think about how one day I wouldn't be able to eat meat because my teeth are weak to chew them, I wish those days should never come. But aging is an inevitable part of life. Or is it how my waist may one day get weak as a result of old age that I won't be able to have sex, that is the evil days the bible talks about. When I think of all these, I wish the phrase forever young was a possible phrase. Even though I wish those days never comes, the hard truth is that, those days will surely comes, and that is truth I have to swallow.

Knowing this truth have been very important in shaping my every day life. In some recent years, I was a person who take plenty intake of sugar, but knowing this truth about aging, has help me cut down the excessive intake of the sugar, because, it is at old age that a person sees the effect of the sugar, when the body can no longer burn the fat as required.

Knowing the truth about aging and how vulnerable a person can be at old age as been very instrumental in my investment and savings plans, considering the fact that a person can do nothing for himself at such time. To be proactive after knowing this hard truth, is to begin to make plans that involve your old age in view. As for me, I make investment that will help sustain me when I can't do anything for myself.

This fact that is inevitable in life, has further demonstrate the importance of family to me. It is only family that remain with one in all ages of life. With this knowledge, family remain the paramount in my every day decision.

To foresee is to forewarned. I have seen the truth of old age. And I know it's one reality that can never be avoided as long as there is life. Knowing this unavoidable fact has helped me know that, nothing is permanent in this life. And so, we need enjoy what ever period or age we are in, because there will come a time when we can not do all that.