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Thanks hive learners community for giving me such a great opportunity. I have been dreaming since childhood and I have never had a chance to share it with anyone. The hive learners community has given me the opportunity today to share a small dream that is not possible for ordinary people like me. If I really get such a super power then I will share with you what I want to do


Super power

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Today I will share with you in real life if I had a super power what would I do if I did not use that super power for the benefit of the people for the harm of the people I will talk to you or discuss my inner words I will share with you, I hope you all like it. I have been dreaming since I was a child that I would have a super power if I had the strength to stand by the side of the poor and the needy. Together in a pot, I will eat with them in the morning and arrange a workplace for them through which my country and my poor miserable people will benefit.

And if I have a superpower enough to do this, the name of the power I want to give is money-making power. I have a power that can make as much money as I want. No, now I will tell you what I want to do with that power.


Use of superpower,

In fact, if I had a super power through which I could make a lot of money, I would create a huge housing project for the poor.

What would have been a different world in a country? In that world, there would have been orphaned orphans on the streets, poor orphans who would have been living in the old age home in the orphanage, not only me and my whole family would have lived in the same place We ate at a dining table and created a world in which we used our products ourselves. Not only that, we would also deliver to people outside of that world at a low price. It is a dream come true.

If I am given such a super power I will definitely do it and you can believe that you will not use that super power for any personal purpose. This is my dream and I will implement this dream if ever possible, inshaAllah.


As I was writing this post, I was overwhelmed with emotions. I wanted to write a lot, but I couldn't write. How can I write? Where should I start? I don't know if it will be realized. I have imagined that if Allah gives me such an opportunity, I will definitely not miss this opportunity. One point amount will not get anything.

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I don't want to say anything else, you will be fine, everyone will be healthy, and yes, thank you so much for reading my post with so much effort. I believe that it will benefit you and I have practically done a lot of things in my life that you may or may not believe if I tell you the facts and that is why I never hesitate to help anyone. I try to do as much as I can. I will do as much as I can to benefit others. May Allah help you.