Weekly Featured Contents Week 08:- Edition 01:- Pollution




The rights of birds in the sky Wilderness for the unique world in the forest then we have a direct start. And gave life-giving energy to life but over time people
wanted to be more advanced and civilized and because of this deforestation, building palaces and factories disturbed the balance of the environment in the 21st century.


Causes of environmental pollution,

Population growth destroys forest resources. Many habitats and agricultural lands create agricultural lands, deplete greenery and reduce carbon dioxide and other toxic gases, polluting the air. Water is being polluted due to the use of large quantities of chemical pesticides due to the improvement in the field of agriculture. Despite the name of water being life, it is dying out today. The next point is soil pollution. The next point of noise pollution in the main factory area is Hango. Noise pollution in the main area of ​​the mills. Increased subsequent point radioactive contamination chemical and foot on the battlefield Nuclear weapons are one of the reasons why the burning example of nuclear radioactive pollution in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan is disrupting the environment in many ways.


Effects of Air Pollution on Health!

The first human habitation on earth is possible but its speech is for the Pune atmosphere but as a result of our various activities we are damaging the atmosphere which has a direct effect on our health which in common parlance we call air pollution. Pollution is directly related to health. According to the World Health Organization, 9 out of 10 people in the world are backing up their site every year due to various pollutants, which means about 7 million people are infected every year. Excessive levels of air pollution in our country can lead to health risks. Air pollution causes various diseases in the scriptures. Different types of heart disease in the lungs can cause me to have a stroke. The main cause is long-term shortness of breath COPD There are

Asthma or asthma also go to the lungs OK and I have a disease called ILD but it is due to air pollution and even cancer can be caused by this air pollution as well as the body's immunity due to the virus is reduced resulting in frequent infections pneumonia And since our country is a major country of tuberculosis the risk of tuberculosis in this country is very high and due to stroke etc. air pollution as well as various skin diseases can be caused by skin allergies, skin scabies and other diseases. There are harmful substances. One is prayer or various types of cash out. Particulate tiny particles. This prayer enters our body in various formats. When we are breathing it is accumulating in our lungs with direct breathing while long Day

As the substances accumulate, the lungs undergo a change, creating a conducive environment for such diseases. There are two ways in our environment, one is to go out of the house, the other is to be indoors, and the other is indoors, outdoors. The dust that comes from the mills, the smoke from the mills or the brick kilns, the chemicals that come out of it, as well as the construction or the various reconstruction works that are going on, and we have to go inside the house, we don't care much but a study About 44% of women and children were affected in the last year due to indoor air pollution. Etc. The 200 is a measure of air pollution which is called the Air Quality Index at moderate to severe levels. Bong

The head of our country is a bit more dangerous but it is always very dangerous. It just becomes dangerous especially in summer and winter when it is raining less and the dust is floating in the air and it is too much for us to work outside. Health risks are increasing. Bangladesh is directly harming our health. What is the way to get rid of this? Prevention is more important than prevention when the incident happens, so we should always use fish when we go out And everyone needs to be aware of the need for moderation. Mills need to be more environmentally friendly, and indoor stoves today need to be a little more careful than using other fossil fuels. We have to come to keep the service beautiful, just as plants are necessary to keep our body beautiful, but there is no substitute for it

No, so we need to be more motivated to plant trees so that our environment will be as conducive to our well-being as we are, so we must always be aware of how to live a healthy life so that we can live as well as we can. As a result, future generations will get a beautiful world, thank you



That is to say, how to prevent the pollution of the environment. To prevent the pollution of the environment, it is necessary to find the causes and solve them one by one. We will know one by one. The third thing we will know is that it is possible to reduce soil pollution through the application of organic fertilizers in agriculture.

I will be able to prevent pollution Environmental Pollution law effective way to stop arbitrary deforestation and social deforestation is still the responsibility of the point propaganda media. In this case, the media is talking about different media. Doordarshan films have a special role to play in creating awareness among the people. In addition, the media has a special role to play in this regard. This day should be observed to make life healthier against air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution. Forest week is celebrated in West Bengal at this time. It is not just a week-long program.

The effects of environmental pollution are transmitted from one generation to the next. If our mother-in-law is free from pollution then civilization will be beautiful in this world. However, as long as this oath is in the body, the life of the world is in full swing.