Writing on determination brought back memories from secondary school where each student will be given a topic to talk on and educate every other student on the assembly ground. It was called "the moral talk".

Usually, every Friday, a new list is pasted on the notice board consisting of students' names and their topics tagged to their names. At the end of the school hour on Friday, students go to the board to check if their names came up on the lists. This enables them to prepare ahead.

One of my favourite topics was determination. Determination according to the Oxford dictionary is the act of coming to a decision or of fixing a purpose,the quality of being resolute and firm.

To be determined is not something that could be perceived as an easy trait to come by, but rather, it is one that should be worked on and developed.

Determination comes along with certain qualities that make one adamant about achieving certain goals. In every successful person, determination could be traced down to the root. These qualities include bravery, focus, resilience, motivation, decisiveness , confidence and hardwork.

Determination was the root behind every invention, determination was also behind the achievement of every goal that succeeded, determination is the major reason why people never give up. Determination is inevitable if one really wants to be successful.

It is also not wise to mistake self ignorance as determination because they are directly opposite in nature, but could be excused by the unwise as determination. This could be in terms of being decisive.

An ignorant person might purposely not want to learn new things, or be stubborn towards certain situations and still tag it as being determined. Determination kills ignorance as the spirit of enhancement grows.

Determination is one quality I'll definitely love to possess all through my life. Determination is key to success as learning is key to living. Be determined!

Thanks for reading ❤