Kangaroos and more at the Serendip Sanctuary

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Goooood day Motherhood how are we all today?

I thought I would provide a different addition to our wonderful community group by taking you all on a tour of the Serendip Sanctuary which is located south-west of Melbourne.

In Australia we have a broad range of unique animals and more famously known are the Kangaroos and Wallibies that always peak intrest from international people.
The Serendip Sacntuary is one of our favorite places mainly because it is FREE and there isn't anything better in life than free things :)

Here you will find a range of different Australian native birds and animals and has been established as a oasis around wetlands to protect the native wild life. People are able to visit the
grounds between 8am and 4pm each day with public toilets and BBQ facilities which is also a great location to host a birthday party for kids.

The weather wasn't the best and a lot of the animals remained hidden away to keep warm but we still managed to see the endangered Australian Bustard which is a large land based bird that doesn't really fly much. It has become endangered since colonisation due to the introduction of cats, dogs and foxes which the bird is of easy prey to.

It nests on the ground rather than in trees and unlike the native Emu which has strong legs, razor sharp claws that can cut through steel the Australian Bustard is left quite defenceless.

We did manage to see some Kangaroos and of course wallibies throughout the grounds before it started raining and we had to retreat to the car.

There are bird watchers huts located throughout the park that overlook the wetlands and bird sanctuary where if the season is right you can see over 150 species of different birds that fly in to migrate. Some native some from other parts of the globe.

The kids had a wonderful experience touring the grounds despite the weather and got really excited at the different animals throughout the park even the giant Australian Geese which are not as aggressive as their european counterparts.

Please it back and enjoy our journey through Serendip Sanctuary and if you're ever in Australia pop by for a wonder through the park. Please be aware that while Kangaroos, Emus and Wallibies look cuddly and friendly they can also be highly aggressive and dangerous.

The animals have razor sharp claws that are able to easily slash through flesh leaving people with significant injuries that could potentially lead to death. They will often at times come up to you as they are enquisitive but if they feel threatened will strike and people have been killed by these beautiful animals.

Do you have a fun activity you like to do with your kids or places you like to visit? I would love to see a video or learn more about what you have on offer for families in your country and see the beautiful country side of your nation.

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I want to go to Australia, besides the women are beautiful, I also want to see the kangaroos that are always a pyramid, the kangaroo is different from other types of animals, the bag is my concern.