Abstract ape art #4/5


Woot has finally completed the abstract ape art for the fourth and fifth versions. I'm really excited to finish the fourth and fifth versions, I finished it in not too long because I had enough time to focus on this art. And yeah I'm also very excited to make the next version, yeah even though I haven't sold any NFT yet but I'm still excited to make art with discipline because I remember that I'm still a beginner in the NFT world. xD

And nft above is the fifth version, I made it very different from before. In this fifth version I added a body to this ape art, for the previous version I made the ape head without the body. So I think this fifth version looks cooler. xD


For the fourth version I actually made it look scary at first, but in the end the art apee looks like a sad person...lol..but I think it looks a bit cool too, that's why I didn't change it anymore. Maybe this art ape is sad because it wants to remind me that none of my NFTs have been sold yet. xD

text proofofbrain.png

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