We chase the sunset as the seawater recedes.

Greetings Hive Asean community. How are you today? I hope everyone is doing well. Today is definitely better than yesterday.

Today I want to tell you about the time I took my family to visit a place called Kasagahan by the locals. It is a coastal area and which is the focus of anglers and fish lovers. Of course, planning quality family time is definitely a challenge for fathers. Sometimes the plan is made in advance, and sometimes it happens spontaneously without being planned.

It seems that there is an amount of garbage that is quite unpleasant for the eyes to see. However, for individuals who know about this place, it is a very suitable place to bring the family for a picnic while enjoying the sea breeze, the sound of the sea waves, and of course the view of the sea far to the west.

Our original plan to go fishing at first didn't work out this time. This is because when we arrived in Kasagahan, the sea water was already very low. Usually, when the sea is low we will go out at night to catch crabs, and if we are lucky, big fish are also our catch. However, this time is different. We didn't expect the sea water to recede this time.

It looks like my wife and her family are still happy even though they can't fishing this time. They were actually excited, who knew there were crabs rising at this time.

Spending time with my wife no matter where I am is my goal and dream. I don't care if she brings her family along to where every I go. Being together with my beloved wife is the best in growing our love life.

It looks like the sea water has revealed the bottom so far there. I will try to scout the area first, after all we don't bring equipment to catch crabs. The last time experience of injured hands and fingers, as a result of crab bites we definitely do not want to repeat because we did not bring the appropriate tools.

This dog is similar to my dog at home that I left as security for our home. My parents will come to my house everyday to feed my dog. Seeing this dog makes me miss Kokot, my dog my best friend. The house that looks far away in the back is the house of one of the residents in this area. I was very impressed with their courage and spirit to live in this place. According to them, now is the season of low tide from dusk to dawn, and will begin to rise in the morning until the evening. This schedule repeats every day for several weeks. They also offer a boat service to the bay sea, a little far from this area. With a payment of MYR150, they can take it all the way to Bagang. According to them, in Bagang is the center of fish gathering, but I still believe it all depends on luck. You can only pay MYR150, and still return empty-handed. However, it does not mean that I will not go to Bagang, it is a plan in the future.

As I surveyed the low tide area, I took pictures of some things that I found interesting to show my children. Beach corals are certainly something you don't see every day.

I have to be careful with this sea urchin. I only wear flip flops, so I need to keep my distance. If I get too close to the sea urchin, I will likely activate the sea urchin's self-defense system. That would cost me and the sea urchin.

I have walked as far as the end of the receding sea. I did not find crabs or even fish trapped by the dryness of the sea water. It is possible that the crabs will go up to a drier place at night. But I didn't plan to wait all night. I decided to go back to the beach with my family there.

I moved around to the other end of the beach then moved towards where my family was. Pity they were eager to fishing but couldn't this time. Enjoying the scenery by the beach at dusk like this is very relaxing. We decided to wait for the sun to set to take some pictures to make memories that will surely be a beautiful view in the future.

Look at them. Getting information from residents living around. They want to know the possible tide time tamble that occurs at this point. They took her phone number, which will surely come in handy in the future. They seemed to hear a very interesting story. Look at how they stand and listen! 😁

It looks like the sun is starting to hide in the western horizon. As if I wanted this beautiful and soothing scene to last for a long time. The peace felt is not obtained from any place. Fresh air, away from the sounds of cars and the hustle and bustle of the workplace. This is what I want.

We asked for help from my sister-in-law to take pictures from the back. We have no idea how we should show our style..hahaha!

Baby, let's do the sarangheyo style. Make your hands like this.

Yup.. love it.. perfect ❤️

We also can do flying.. Let's fly! Weeee..

Baby, I think I can do the carry you style. Let's try it!

See, you are not that heavy as you think you are.. 😂

She want to do the fighting stand style.. Well she do have taekwondo black belt after all.. I mean green.. 🤣

It's a day filled with beautiful memories. Something we didn't plan and expect to do. We didn't expect that we would be lucky enough to enjoy the beautiful view during the sunset. It ends with laughter and carves a story that will be told.

It seems that this paragraph is the end of my story this time. I am grateful for the individuals who voted for my post, thank you for the individuals who shared my post. It is very precious to me. May we all grow successfully on this Hive platform. Until we meet in the next story. I wish you all the best! Thank you!


Catching the sunset with your loved ones is worth reminiscing. I should say this is such a romantic place.
Enjoy lovely couple.☺️


A very extraordinary journey, Moments like this must be captured and carried out, so that you can be refreshing with your family, da And the situation can also be very close to each other.

Thanks for posting in the ASEAN Hive Community.

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