Ecotrain Question Of The Week S8.4 - If Not You Then Who? If Not Now Then When?

Knowing The Who And When In Our Leadership


It's not me, it's the leadership!
I don't care when, whenever they like 😏

That's the voice of some citizens in some country, not excluding my country Nigeria. Most citizens have grown the habit of blaming the leadership for the problems we're facing in our country.

I read a post some days ago about this, and it was all about taking responsibility for oneself. I mean if it's not me then who should it be? I wasn't born to depend on my country forever, I have to take responsibility of myself and make the change I want in my country.

Going for the course of changing one's country for the better now feels like the impossible because we find people everywhere with the mentality of "It's not me, I don't care whatever happens". But that shouldn't stop the ones who know deep down that "It is them and it's now".

I remember a time all my fellow students were blaming the school government for the increase in school fees and lack of teaching facilities, some even went to the extent of saying "School is a total scam, no need studying" it's funny how some kept failing because they lack focus and just keep blaming the school government.

And what if the government doesn't provide the best for students to study, should that mean one should keep blaming them and not focus on what the main aim for them is?

If we keep relying on the government to make a change, we are in the category of "Whenever they like" which may never happen until we face it and make the change for ourselves.

Knowing The Who And When In Our Relationships


She is the one at fault, not me
He should apologize, not me 😒

Not knowing who to give in for peace in a relationship or when to give in for peace has been a problem most relationship suffer from, even with the leader to follower relationship.

You should know when to give in or apologize to keep the peace in a situation, no need blaming and finding fault in whoever, trying to keep yourself on the safe side. Nobody wants to be blamed, so we find who to blame.

I raise a thumbs up for those who take responsibility for themselves in every relationship they are into, where they know when it's on them to not find blames and when they know the right time to take actions.

There haven't been a time where delay in taking the right actions makes everything work out fine, take the right actions now... It's on you.

I think I fall in this category where I find it hard to say sorry when I'm wrong especially in my anger state, instead I tend to blame the other and ask for apology. That is so not right, anyone could be wrong so it's best you say the right things and get it solved without passing blames.

Knowing The Who and When In Our Health Issues


Your negligence made me fall sick, you caused this!
I hate medications, I hate hospitals! 😑

Who caused an illness? That shouldn't be the problem, the main problem is when to take actions in getting rid of that illness.

I've seen a patient who kept blaming his spouse for his illness but refused to take medication to get well, I mean isn't that suicide on its own?

People tend to blame more and act on an issue too late which then amount to something more dangerous. Our health is a priority no matter what, don't waste time finding who to blame for falling sick... It's mostly naturally after all.

Yes, we do have those who blame others for everything and procrastinate a lot but it's wise not to be in that category.

Take the bold step in becoming the "Who" and know that the "When" is now. No time to point fingers and no time to waste time, take responsibility of yourself.

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We will never be happy if we keep blaming others for things happening in our lives. Until we see that we are part of the problem, we won't change and do our part.
I used to blame for our not-so-good education system or our goverments for not helping us. when I started to understand that it's me who need to take responsibility for mylife and for the changes that I want to make, for the life I want to live, it is when I started to take actions.


I'm glad you understood your role and took actions, a better way for change