Alcohol Use Disorder Contributes to Major Health Issues

It may be quite quick to condemn people who consume alcohol on a high level because we believe everyone should be able to control their ability to take in alcohol and know when exactly to just stop, unfortunately, not everyone has control over their level of alcohol intake and that is where we have a case of, Alcohol use disorder.

We say alcohol has become a major disorder when its consumption begins to put your health at risk, or when it begins to produce other alcohol-related problems. It is in a true sense a medical condition that involves frequent intake of alcohol even when it is known to cause significant problems, patterns of emotional distress, and in some cases, physical harm.

Whilst you are thinking it is not that deep, I would like you to know that alcohol use disorder is a disease of brain function and it requires medical and psychological treatments to have it controlled. It is not generally on the same level, it could either be mild, moderate, or severe. Other names for it are; alcohol addiction, alcohol dependence, or alcohol abuse, and it could either develop over a long period or suddenly.

Binge drinking is a form of alcohol abuse-related issue, in such a situation, the affected male gender will have a minimum of four bottles of alcoholic drinks within two hours, and the female gender who take about four bottles of alcohol-based drinks within two hours.

You may begin to suspect that you are your loved ones are experiencing alcohol disorder when you begin to indulge in these acts;

  • Spending so much time getting alcohol, drinking, or recovering from the use of alcohol.

  • Inability to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed.

  • Consistency in taking alcohol even while it is affecting your social, physical, or work relationship.

  • Inability to stop the intake of alcohol even in areas where it is banned like a swimming pool.

  • Severe craving for alcohol.

  • Withdrawal symptoms like nausea, shaking, and sweating are noticed when you fail to take in alcohol at the right time (as proposed by your feelings)

The chances of developing alcohol use disorder are something scientists are still trying to particularly point a finger at, but one or the combination of these factors could be one of the reasons;

  • Genetics plays a strong role in this development, with hereditary being accountable for about 60% of existing cases. However, just like other chronic health conditions, there is an interplay between the genes of a person and their environment. When parents have a habitual drinking act, there is a strong chance that the child may also develop AUD.

  • History of trauma and other mental health conditions ranging from depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder are at an increased risk of developing AUD.

  • People who begin to consume alcohol at an early age, most likely before the age of 15, according to research were found to develop AUD more often than children who are not.

  • Some research also shows that people who have had bariatric surgery have a high chance of developing alcohol use disorder or even relapsing after there is a recovery from alcohol use disorder.

  • Certainly, drinking excessively regularly over a long time is a major and clear reason behind alcohol use disorder.

  • Having close relationships with people who drink consistently would increase your chances of alcohol use disorder.

Taking in excessive alcohol can cause severe damage to your health, it could bring about issues like;

  • Brain damage including dementia.
  • Cancers of the breast, colon, mouth, and liver.
  • Liver issues like; cirrhosis, fatty liver, and hepatitis.
  • Fetal alcohol syndrome, happens when a child is exposed to alcohol before birth.
  • Excessive drinking habits can affect finances, work, and personal relationships.
  • Accidents due to being drunk.
  • Engaging in regrettable risky and unprotected sex.

Intervention on time when it comes to alcohol-related issues is a good way to solve problems of alcohol abuse. Parents need to focus on their children as most cases of alcohol abuse begin in the teenage years.

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