Hello maths bugs(🐞) and hivers(🐝)
I hope you are strong & stout and doing great in life.

There are people who love mathematics and there are people who hates it also.Today I am going to share a different angle approach division which of you gonna like it.

Everyone is known to Division..If anyone who doesn't know what is a division, check below haha ( just kidding)


If we use a variable changing one of the number and thus we get an equation.By solving the equation we can have solution of any problem.


We need to solve the equation to find the value of x.I am considering you ofcourse know how to solve an equation.


Thus we can say before finding solution of any problem we always make an equation. If it is easier one we do it without thinking but if it is complicated one we must make the equation on paper and to solve it. we further calculate balancing both sides as we do to measure weight of particular things using weight in one side and on the other side materials.


Let take an example of percentage (%). Before proceeding further we need it know a percentage is noting but a fraction. It can be in from of decimal also and when we got denominator as 100 we call the NEUMERATOR percentage. As 20/100 means 20% or we can say it 1/5 or 0.2.


The most important to thing is to consider to this INNOVATIVE IDEA you need three numbers of the two fractions. Most of the time three of them Is given and sometimes it's just two of them. In this case the third one must be 1 ..lol as you seen in the above figures.


The conclusion: Don't do division as you do earlier think it a fraction.When in any problem a fraction or a percentage is given and further another number is provided,which must be NEUMERATOR or DENOMINATOR and the other one you can easily find by equating the equation.

So, all this started from drip drip sound of raining that feared the old lady...lol what am I saying?? Sorry. Let me come once again:

All started from a simple division which is known to evryone who is not include a bone-head like me.Sharing this article to is mainly because in early stage of my math education wouldn't be start from this awesome way to understand problem,I would ofcourse a dull-headed person. Actually I am still πŸ˜‚.Because without making things equate I can't go further.

To end it I wanna give you suggestion who don't like x in mathematics, please start liking her because without x your life is dull.haha I have realised it and so I try not to upset them to have a new.πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

I am presenting this article after doing a lot of hard work. If there any unwanted mistake please forgive meπŸ™πŸ™

I hope you must like my article

Thank you so much of visiting

Have a good day

All is well.

Regards: @meta007


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Well explained. Well done . During my high school days β€œx” was my most difficult alphabet 😁