It's Almost the End of the Month, Have You Met Your Hive Goals?


I have been reading financial books lately, and the message is constant and consistent.

Know How Much Money You Have

Know Where Your Money Is

Give Your Money a Task

My HIVE POWER has been tasked with spreading wealth

I want my Upvote to be worth so much, that I can "pay" writers, the California Minimum Wage, with an upvote.

Screenshot 2021-08-26 7.21.18 PM.png

It's a big goal

And it's also a pretty "bad" goal.

Why is it "bad."

Screenshot 2021-08-26 7.20.27 PM.png

Screenshot 2021-08-26 7.20.44 PM.png

Because it is open ended

When will I be able to give $15 an hour? If your goal doesn't have a date of completion, then its not really a goal.

Because it is a moving target

Minimum wage is $15 ... now. It won't be $15 forever
Hive is worth about 0.50USD, that will definitely be moving around

I have no clear steps on how to get "there."

A goal without a plan is just a wish

Which is why I simplified; My August Goal was to grow my HP with a 10% interest rate instead of the 3.2 it generates just sitting there.

My account transactions had been scarce, so I actively started curating again, and at the later part of the month started writing again.

Checking in today, it seems like I will easily meet my mark.

In the next few days I will be making my next HIVE Goal.

Just in case you are wondering why I want to be able to pay California Minimum Wage with an upvote?

To grow my affilliate marketing empire.

Imagine how many people I can have sharing my links if I am able to consistently pay for good content.

Thank you for reading about my goals. Let me know how you are doing with yours, there are still a few days left to meet them.

this post is part of the #ctpcontent challenge


I want my Upvote to be worth so much, that I can "pay" writers

I have a very similar approach. I love to give valuable upvotes to authors also to people who engage with my posts. Thanks to Splinterlands, my Hive Power exploded in the last month from 7K to 11K :-). I really like to see the value of my votes now :-)


Splinterlands surely helped me too.

I am growing my HBD by at least $75 per month, and I got the $ from splinterlands this month.

When I first opened my splinterlands account years ago, it was meant as a way to help my original account build Hive Power - soon I realized that it had a whole lot of worth on its own.

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My latest goal is just to achieve at minimum 500 powered up hive. I'm sure I can reach the goal before the year is out.