DCity - A suggestion to keep daily reward pool high



Hey DCITY-Player and those which will enjoy in future!

When i read about the changes of SIM distribution, i thought that this was a great move from @gerber, to reduce SIM production by tax, when SIM-price is below 0.005 HIVE per SIM on HIVE-Engine. No Token ever done this before!
This is a guarantee for players to get their income from daily SIM distribution paid out by selling them for a high market price. And i think before a player buy a card "direct" by 4 HIVE - he will first buy SIM from market.
But at the other side in longterm, i think this will reduce daily reward-pool, when fewer HIVE were put in game.

Therefore I think extra income from daily posts could be the solution.


Let us take a look at the TOP 25 Players and their HIVE-Power:

@dustindivitto141,466 HP0 HP
@themightyvolcano86,744 HP229HP
@fantasycrypto3,883 HP0HP
@abrockman26,265 HP7,030 HP
@diverse18,464 HP18,125HP
@rollandthomas10,145 HP9,008 HP
@forykw18,819 HP4,651 HP
@superlotto4,311 HP128 HP
@mfblack1,076 HP1,012 HP
@inri1 HP0 HP
@bearbear613411 HP0 HP
@raymondspeaks7,487 HP251 HP
@reseller2,788 HP0 HP
@apprentice001466 HP0 HP
@shitsignals2,661 HP103 HP
@bosmob404 HP384 HP
@chronocrypto22,128 HP0 HP
@kromtar358 HP0 HP
@moyse4,727HP3,500 HP
@broncnutz200,000 HP13,104 HP
@ubeautiful50 HP0 HP
@nrg163,457 HP471 HP
@ironshield3,083 HP803HP
@justatouchfey4,788 HP4,640 HP
@sn0n5,754 HP401 HP

In sum, that´s total 729,736 HP of TOP 25 Players!

When you substract actual delegations of the accounts, you get this result:

@dustindivitto141,466 HP
@themightyvolcano86,515 HP
@fantasycrypto3,883 HP
@abrockman19,235 HP
@rollandthomas1,137 HP
@forykw14,168 HP
@superlotto4,183 HP
@mfblack64 HP
@inri1 HP
@bearbear613411 HP
@raymondspeaks7,236 HP
@reseller2,788 HP
@apprentice001466 HP
@shitsignals2,558 HP
@bosmob20 HP
@chronocrypto22,128 HP
@kromtar358 HP
@moyse1,227 HP
@broncnutz186,896 HP
@ubeautiful50 HP
@nrg162,986 HP
@ironshield2,280 HP
@justatouchfey148 HP

#In sum, that´s total 665,896 HIVE-POWER from TOP 25 Players!

When calculate this voting power:

At 665,896 HP, upvotes will be like:

by 50% (332,948 HP), it would be:
Curation 50.PNG

by only 10% (66,589 HP), it would be:
Curation 10.PNG

And remember, that these are only the first 25 accounts, accordingly to 500 dcity player.
That's why I think that with our support, additional posts from DCITY accounts can keep the REWARD pool going and thus secure a long future for our beloved DCITY.


About daily - DCITY posts:
Since I know that gerber hates to write posts and creative writing is not his, my suggestion would be, to create automated post of statistics about the game 1 times a day, e.g. with

  • ranking: TOP Ranking on populatio;, TOP Ranking on SIM income; TOP Trader
  • REWARD Pool: Rewards paid out; new "inflow" to the Reward Pool
  • Market: Number of newly purchased cards; number of cards in the game; trading volume; mostly bought cards
  • Players: current number of players; new players added
  • etc.


Question @gerber: Could this be possible?
And can we even demand this extra work from you?
And if this could be possible - How can we support you?
Generate a "post-template"?
Or better you give statistics to s.o. and he posts for you?
I would offe my help.
Or better creating an extra account for upvoting and share the upvoting work between palyers (like DACH community do this)? Or give acces to upcoming president? (maybe a goodie for players to become president ;-))

I know that it is a bit strange of me to make such a suggestion with my modest 1000 HP (which i would delegate). What I can contribute; is additional my 630K neoxian power and my 10k LEO-POWER.
Accordingly, the use of the TAGS NEOXIAN and LEO would generate additional income, especially since some of the TOP players also have larger HP in the individual tribes.


Accordingly my question to you all:
What do you think about us creating a curation trail for the DCITY Accounts?
Or better a manual voting?
What do you think?


people don't like automated daily posts :)
But 50% from game posts going to reward pool and pool making some hive on curation (will be more but am waiting for last few power downs to move it all away from account with steem in name...)

things like that are easy and i was thinking about it. But it creates mess on chain, and some people will not like it probably


maybe take frequent from daily to weekly?


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