An Era With A Draught Of Sound Doctrines

This is the era when the Bible is referring to in 2 Timothy 4:3-4

This is the era when men do not want to listen to the truth. It is an era when men reject sound doctrines. It is an era when men are not willing to bear with the truth. They want the kind of teaching that will soothe their lustful desires and carnality. It is the era when sin is being modified to fit men’s unrepented nature. The era where sound doctrine is lacking.

For The Time Will Come When They Will Not Endure Sound Doctrine

These days men live like beasts. They do what they like without restraint. They are lawless and undisciplined. They refuse to yield to rebuke and correction. They are not willing to accept and conform to sound doctrine. They can't endure or bear with sound doctrine.

But After Their Own Lust

All that trends now is what gives pleasure, fun and entertainment. It wouldn't be a problem if they have sane entertainment outings. But most of what people crave after these days are out of lust. They have been a massive adoption of insane pleasures and entertainment. The world system is totally run by lust.

Teachers Having Itching Ears

These are the days when preachers and teachers of the Bible dilute the Word so as to attract many members. Such teachers are those with itching ears.

What About You

Making the right choice concerning your life is crucial. Do not be among the “they”. Accept and follow the sound doctrine from the Word of God. Have discipline and self-control to do according to the commandments of God.
Do not be a teacher with itching ears. Don't teach deception. Stand for the truth and defend the truth.