(Week 120) Weekend Engagement concept ~ Green


The green weekend

Share only two photos that focus on the colour green and write at least 300 words in explanation. It can be anything at all, but the main colour in your two images has to be green. Tell us about the place and situation, when it was and what you were doing there. You have to use your own images though.


This was sometime ago, June 12 last year precisely when I was done with my final exams in college and I was so excited for coming such a long way despite everything that happened. Where I am standing is outside our auditorium and I had just finished my exams so I decided to take pictures.

This is Akwa Ibom State College of Education, Afaha Nsit in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Before I got admission to study English I heard rumors here and there about not just the school but this particular department, English. As human, I was afraid, scared and I wanted to back out but then I wasn't sure of making it in another department or any other course.

I spoke to someone about it and he advised me and encouraged me to go ahead. I can vividly remember him saying that there's no good institution anywhere. All others are just like the one I applied for. He motivated me to be focused, consistent and be serious that I will surely make it out.

Well, that was my plan and I tried all I could to be focused. I was serious and I didn't joke about it. Along the line, I was tired and exhausted 😭, the way my lecturers behaved the whole school system was annoying and frustrating but still, I didn't give up.

My mates then passed away, some dropped out, some couldn't make it with us. A lot happened even when the COVID 19 pandemic struck and everything was on hold. Somehow, I was able to pull through.


These ones here and me, myself and I made it and you can bet we were and still we are so happy. I really do miss them. I am grateful to God for this and other beautiful things that are yet to happen.

Thank you for reading🤝

All photos are mine