Bloom, Mix Color Flowers Garden!


Been here in the old park in our village, but before I got here you know it takes us 20 minutes walking instead without motorbike of course, but after we arrived there, the owner offered a bike for us. It us because I come here at the park with my mom. Obviously I do not know the main attraction of this old park. However, I still can't deny that I used to think that 5pm on Sunday, everywhere should be a crowd or even a group of people having picnic especially with this small village with a high population, but my thoughts reduce after arriving here.

I just don't want to go through the details about flowers or how they go about reproducing, like that. I am not a professional about it, so just let's enjoy their natural beauty. It was 5:00 p.m. again, and 5:00 p.m. was always the time I go outdoors and look for some simple, beautiful and strange things.

But that day nothing strange appear at all. Everything seems like the usual and always keep it rules and I can't know why.


I think I don't have to show you around, environment from this park it quite a basic one.


Nearly dead flowers! Correct if am wrong, I wasn't sure how many day or months it takes flowers to die with this appearance.


Crown of thorns! Just like another area I used to visit, flowers that is actually grown almost everywhere just to decorate.

This flowers can be call by many names in my region, but I find it was a believe from Cambodian that keeping it grown naturally in front of the house will bring a good luck especially if you own a business in the house. It was nothing to prove, but it a believe I don't know why even the random things also own with a belief. However as I am the young generation I just keep listening, hear and think 🤔


The layers just running round like this similar to the dangerous small version of Whirlpool I used to see before and even too often because I live along the river.

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