Money is a powerful tool but only respect those who respect it

Our goal as humans is to make money and fulfill a mission of securing a better life to maintain Financial stability which is a positive movement to secure and embark on. However, we have people who misuse the opportunity when they make money because they derive the mindset that they've gain a lot and nothing can stop them to spend their money the way they want.

We all know how we make our money likewise knowing the source as well but still we wouldn't use that to judge people who spend lavishly because this might look suspicious but still we are different in how we make our money and intend to spend as well.

Money is general and it's a legal tender that is said to go round to visit every individuals to have, the only difference is the income that differs everyone's Financial income and capability.

Money respect those who respect it usefulness and impact in our everyday lives because it is not easy to get but necessary to have. This is something that almost everyone of us go out to make to sustain and live happily on a daily basis.

When we say money does not respect those who respect it simply means that their are people who take such opportunity for granted where they lavish and spend money without plans which probably can affect their future if care is not properly taken.

When you know your source of income and you know how difficult it is to earn it, there would definitely be a limitation of how you spend to avoid going bankrupt when your financial capability is not solid.

If we really want to be respected by money it simply means that we should respect our hustle because that is the main source of the income and it shouldn't be taken for granted. Money will come and go but only the wise will utilize it to their favour by taking caution of how they do things Financially.

We have people who are been controlled by their money and this really affects them negatively where they lack the control and knowledge to handle their finance without involving anyone. Making money might really not be difficult but maintaining it is a bigger problem if nothing is done to maintain the wealth.


Money comes to those who do not focus on lack. I have said change your thinking change your life and that really is true if you just believe.

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