Whilst monitor warriors are common monsters they are not to be taken lightly. After all they are one of the only tribes to inhabit the grasslands where the Rexxies roam. Not only are they able to survive here they also hunt Rexxies for food and their hides.


The Minotaur Warrior is a Earth Splinter reach card that also gains piercing at level six. To highlight how effective the Minotaur Warrior can be. This week I chose to use a more meta set up so that beginners can see how they should be structuring there lineup. First monster should also always be a tank or buffer next a reach monster or monster that is suitable as a mini tank but can attack from range. After that you would normally place a healer and then in your backline your magic and lastly your range monsters.


Summoner: Lyanna Natura

  • I used Lyanna here as she is my highest Earth Summoner and allows my Nectar Queen to use her retaliate.

First slot: Nectar Queen

  • The high health and retaliate ability make this a great tank and why I chose to use it here.

Second slot: Minotaur Warrior

  • The Minotaur Warrior with it’s reach ability is perfect for the second slot. I chose it here as it has two melee attack and four speed.

Third slot: Wood Nymph

  • I can not go past a good healer. A well timed heal can be the difference between victory and defeat. That is why I picked the wood nymph for my third monster.

Forth slot: Beatrix Ironhand

  • Normally I would put a magic card here, but my Beatrix Ironhand is able to fight in the front line and has three range attack. So I chose her instead.

Fifth slot: Javelin Thrower

  • I went with the Javelin Thrower here as it has five speed and three range attack. Piercing just takes this monster to another level, as it cuts through armour and flesh alike.

Sixth slot: Mitica Headhunter

  • Could this card be any more appropriately named? Whatever the Matica Headhunter attacks it normally kills and with five-speed know you’re going to get at least one kill from this monster. Making it perfect for your back line.


Normally here I would say that I will change up my setup and put something else in its place but I felt this line it was very strong. Only need to watch my battle to understand why I feel this way.


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